16k+ under 17 were infected in First & Second wave.
What plans does Pramod Sawant have to protect our children from the third wave & vaccinate all Goans : Aam Aadmi Party Goa

Despite a devastating second wave and a predicted third wave Pramod Sawant still does not have a plan to ensure all Goans are vaccinated in time. With only 15 Lakh Goans it should not have taken the Sawant sarkar more than a month to achieve 100% Vaccination. However it seems Goans are being left at the mercy of the BJP high command once again. To add insult to injury vaccinations of 18-44 have again been stopped as have those 45+ despite  instructions from MoHFW that such appointments must be honoured.
“It is shocking that the Govt is procuring only 35,000 vaccines at a time and opening limited slots daily to hide its failures. At this rate, it will take more than a year to vaccinate Goans. Third wave will come and take more lives by then! Said AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre.
It is important to note that the second wave has impacted a lot of young people and predictions state that the third wave will impact children as well. 16246 children and youth below the age of 17 were infected by Corona, which is around 11.34% of total positive cases. 
While it would be easy for the state to vaccinate all its population this would require the Sawant Sarkar to acquire the requisite number of vaccines. But the Sawant Sarkar has not released details of any Global tenders nor has there been any attempt to reach out to the Centre as this would highlight that a BJP govt is failing.
It may be noted that Sawant has always been reticent to ask for aid for the Goa Govt in order to avoid embarrassing the Party High Command. 
“What is CM Sawant’s plan? Has he floated a global tender? Has he taken any proactive steps?” asked Mhambre. “Or is he again leaving Goans at the mercy of his BJP high. Command as usual?”