21-year-old tourist from Hyderabad rescued by 18-year-old Drishti lifesaver

CALANGUTE: A 21-year-old tourist from Hyderabad was rescued on Monday by 18-year-old Drishti lifesaver Suvesh Keluskar.

A group of four male tourists ventured into the waters at Baga earlier today afternoon when one of them lost his footing. The receding tide pulled the male further away from the shore and he began drifting into the deeper waters when he was spotted by Drishti lifesaver Suvesh. The lifesaver rushed into the waters with his rescue tube and managed to secure the male to it.

Lifesaver Suvesh calmed the male and asked him to grab onto the rescue tube while he swam back to shore along with the rescued survivor.

The vitals were checked and were found to be normal. The lifesaving team counselled the survivor and his friends on the dos and don’ts to be followed while at the beach.