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Ever since the famous Tryst with Destiny speech of Pandit   Jawaharlal Nehru, we have come a long way ahead. The dreams of over a billion people over the last seven and half decades have grown to immense proportions.  From a developing country to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world to the emergence of a three trillion dollar economy India has progressed by leaps and bounds. Our indices of progress and prosperity have catapulted far beyond expectations.

The diversity in terms of culture, race, religion, the creed has not prevented us to bring the true realization of the concept of ‘Vasudev kutumakam’ to the fore. The realization of the dreams of many citizens to be self-sufficient has proved to be true as the evil of poverty is slowly on the decline as compared to the earlier times. The immense possession of vast human resources including both skilled and semi-skilled manpower has made our country the envy of the world’s leading software giants to set up their units in the country. The switch from the erstwhile planning commission to NITI AAYOG has also resulted in making our economy grow. The Goods and services tax regime has resulted in streamlining our taxation to a great measure.

 License  Raj permit quota has been abolished giving way to a much robust system with greater transparency levels. The banking sector too has seen reforms by an amalgamation of leading public sector banks to create a level playing field. The rise in the number of assesses of personal income tax and the opening of nearly four crores of Jan Dhan accounts have had an impact on the citizens in the country, especially the poor and marginal classes. 

The social sector has been well cared for with the introduction of many new welfare schemes catering to the well-being of every section of society.  This has resulted in a feel-good factor for one and all.

The 21st century is seen as the Asia century. Our scientists and researchers have come forward with indigenous vaccines to Herald the dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Even the state of Goa in its 60th year of liberation is on the path of Swayampurna Goa, launched by Hon Chief minister on Gandhi Jayanti last year. Coupled with the rising indices on all fronts it is time for all Indians to take a vow on this  auspicious occasion to CHARTER a road map of progress and prosperity to be celebrating the centenary in twenty-five years by following  the dreams of our forefathers and freedom fighters to work on the principle of ‘Antodaya’ to reach  out to the last man in our villages to Herald a progressive revolution  in the country to be a leader of nations in the world community.

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