Aam Aadmi Party organizes huge Rozgar Yatra rally at Dabolim and Calangute

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AAP connected with enthusiastic residents on assurance of job opportunities for Goenkars.

The Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) today organized Rozgar yatras at Dabolim and Calangute that became a huge hit and attracted hundreds of local residents to the event. The rally at Dabolim witnessed the participation of hundreds of volunteers and enthusiastic local residents alike. They took a tour of the entire constituency after which the registrations for the AAP’s job guarantee program also went up as 100s of residents signed up.

Dabolim is one of the worst impacted places in terms of unemployment in Goa. Due to the lockdown many youth have lost jobs. The sitting MLA has not helped them get Govt jobs and those that do get private jobs are severely underpaid. The lockdown has caused many taxi drivers their livelihoods and they have received no support.

“Due to the lockdown, the taxi drivers in Dabolim had lost their source of income as there were no incoming tourists coming in. The present government has done nothing to support them,” Babu Nanoskar AAP Goa Leader said. He informed that the Aam Aadmi Party aims to provide a sum of Rs 5000 to each tourism impacted family till the time the tourism resumes in full swing. “One of the reason, youngsters connect with the Aam Aadmi Party is because they believe in us and our transparent ways,” he said

Nanoskar explained that there are very few government jobs in Goa and most of that too is given to the family and well-wishers of the ruling party members. “Even for those employed in private firms, they are not getting proper salaries. We wish to bring in complete transparency the way jobs are given and would be providing 80percent reservations only to the local residents of Goa,” He added.

Calangute is a place which was once buzzing with activity. Post the pandemic, many of the hotels and restaurants are struggling to operate. Many of the local Calangute residents have lost their jobs in the recent past due to the drop in incoming tourists due to the pandemic.

At the Rozgar Yatra organized at Calangute, Manuel Cardozo AAP Goa Calangute Assembly in charge explained that the present government instead of helping the residents are only adding to their troubles. “They should have offer financial support to these smaller hotels and ensured that no jobs are lost. The situation is bad at Calangute. Many people are sitting jobless at their homes today,” he said.

AAP will be coming up with several initiatives till the time jobs are created in the state. They have given an assurance of providing a sum of Rs 5000 to families who had lost their source of income due the slowdown in tourism due to the pandemic or the closure of mining activity, till the time, they are able to get employment. Secondly, they would be offering a sum of Rs 3000 to every youth who doesn’t fall under the above till he gets a job. To make the youth more employable and their skillset more productive, the party has also assured the setting up of a skill development university in lines with the Delhi’s DSEU.

The youth of Goa need jobs, which AAP will create. “Our party will bring in complete transparency in the way jobs are given to the local youth.” Cardozo informed

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