AAP becoming the voice of every Goenkar : AAP leader Mahadev Naik

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AAP Leader Mahadev Naik today stated that  the Kejriwal Model is the way forward for Goa. While addressing the media Naik stated that the debate between the Power minister of Delhi Satyendar jain and the Nilesh Cabral as well as the parties announcement of free electricity up to 300 units and 0 power cuts have sent shock waves to the ruling BJP party and Congress as well. Sharing his experience from his visit to Delhi Naik said the Delhi model of governance i.e., Kejriwal’s education model and the health model is the way forward for governance in Goa too.  He stated that Goans are attracted towards the work of the AAP and are therefore supporting the party and are looking forward to AAP in power in the upcoming assembly election 2022. 

Praising the work of AAP Goa during the second wave of Corona, AAP Leader Mahadev Naik stated that only AAP stood by Goenkars during the pandemic while the BJP was sleeping. Mahadev Naik praised the works of the Aam Aadmi Party during the second wave from village-to-village oxygen level checking with their Oximitra Campaign to the door-to-door free ration to the people. 

“Only AAP can solve the problems of our youth in goa and I’m here to support and take the party ahead in Goa.” said AAP Leader Mahadev Naik. “One only needs to look at how AAP volunteers worked day and night to help Goenkars during the second wave to know how much they care about Goa”added Naik.

Naik also attacked the BJP on jobs and the rising unemployment in Goa under them.  Stating that the Goa employment exchange saw 1.5 lakh registrations a large number which the Sawant Sarkar is not thinking of providing jobs too. 

” Who is going to think about our youth? Goenkars had demanded the government to take this unemployment issue seriously but instead BJP government is busy in their political gimmick with its 10,000 jobs ads which are also not completely out, said Naik. “BJP is trying to mislead and misguide today’s youth for vote bank purposes” Naik added and further warned the youth not to fall prey to gimmicks by the BJP government.

Naik is well known for increasing reservations for the Bahujan Samaj from 19.5% was raised to 27% during his tenure as Social Welfare minister and almost about 3.58 lakh people benefited from the reservation schemes may it be in terms of education or jobs. 

“Not just Shiroda and Ponda but AAP is growing all over Goa. Goenkars response towards the party is really overwhelming and with the induction of Mahadev Naik many more people shall support the party” said Rahul Mhambre AAP Goa Convenor.

“Mahadev Naik’s joining will strengthen the party’s foundations in Ponda.His 35 years of experience in politics will strengthen us and the party” said Adv Surel Tilve Vice President AAP Goa.

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