AAP candidates Ramrao Wagh, Mahadev Naik, Ritesh Chodankar and Rajesh Kalangutkar file nominations

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Aam Aadmi Party candidates Ramrao Wagh, Mahadev Naik, Ritesh Chodankar and Rajesh Kalangutkar filed their candidature for assembly elections from St. Andre, Shiroda, Porvorim and Mayem respectively on Thursday.

AAP St. andre candidate Ramrao Wagh lashed out at St. Andre MLA Francisco Silveira, saying that Silveira, who contested the 2017 polls on development plank, has failed to execute any major development projects during his tenure.

Wagh said, “In fact, Silveira even failed to complete the old Dongari bridge project, which he had started 10-15 years ago. It is his responsibility to explain how the project, worth Rs 20 crores, will benefit the locals”.

Wagh said that if AAP is voted to power, his top priority will be to reform Khazan farms. He said, “Khazan farming has become an important issue in St. André, where the auctioning of prawn sluice gates has been one of the main causes for flooding of the fields. Through the Khazan Action Committee (KAC), we have brought up this issue several times. The MLA, however, has not given it any attention”.

AAP Shiroda candidate Mahadev Naik said that the BJP govt has failed common Goenkars. The schemes announced and promoted by the BJP government were not reaching the needy. This coupled with high unemployment is causing concern amongst Goenkars.

He further said, “There is also a lot of anger amongst the Bahujan Samaj as the youth are not getting jobs. Every time BJP leaders come to Bahujan youth and make fake job promises. After years of betrayal, Goenkars have realised that only AAP can provide them with the future they deserve”.

AAP Porvorim candidate Ritesh Chodankar expressed that there is a good response from Porvorim residents to the AAP after the former Independent MLA joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and his supporters got into the TMC fold.
“The state has immense potential and business opportunities, but because of the rotten system prevalent in Goa, it has not attained its maximum. I will work hard to bring Kejriwal model of governance in Goa, so that youth of Goa get better future,” Chodankar added.

AAP Mayem candidate Rajesh Kalangutkar stated that he if elected to power would work toward resolving unemployment and land ownership issues as well as developing infrastructure in the Constituency.

Kalangutkar said, “Mayem constituency is facing three major issues. These include rising unemployment rates, lack of infrastructure, and land ownership. Although the Mayem Constituency is endowed with great natural resources, they have not been properly utilised”.

Kalangutkar further said, “I hope to revive agriculture in the long run. Land ownership issues have prevented many fields from being cultivated for a number of years. Land ownership issues have hindered people from becoming self-sufficient. The land ownership issue prevents many farmers from taking advantage of programs that are meant for them”.

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