AAP candidates Raul Pereira, Anil Gaonkar and Mahesh Satelkar file nominations

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Aam Aadmi Party candidates Raul Pereira, Anil Gaonkar and Mahesh Satelkar filed their nominations for the assembly elections from Quepem, Sanvordem and Aldona respectively on Thursday. 

AAP Quepem candidate Pereira expressed that as BJP Quepem Candidate Babu Kavlekar has no stronghold and support in an around Quepem municipal area. Therefore, AAP will win Quepem seat this time.

Pereira further said, “During the door to door campaigning in the Quepem constituency, people expressed their dismay over the BJP and Congress parties. People want change and good governance, which AAP will bring. We are receiving a good response from the people.”

AAP Sanvordem candidate Anil Gaonkar argued that the need of the hour is to restart mining, which will provide employment to Sanvordem people. Sanvordem residents are fed up with the present corruption practices. AAP will work for the welfare of Goans

He said, “In contrast to the incumbent government that does not seem to care about the unemployed, the AAP will provide relief to the unemployed if it gets into power. Families impacted by the mining closure will receive Rs. 5000 for the time being until mining can resume. AAP also promised to reserve 80 per cent jobs for the locals in the private sector”.

AAP Aldona candidate Mahesh Satelkar said, “During the Covid period, when the BJP was busy with scams and the Congress was nowhere to be found, AAP was the only party that worked on the ground and helped Goans. Delhi CM and AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal’s vision is a new hope for the Goans. His six promises to the state will benefit the common people and they will be able to save ten lakh rupees over the course of AAP’s five-year tenure”.

He said the constituency has been neglected for the last 10 years with several projects stalled. The market has been in a dilapidated condition. There is no bus stand, and, as in the rest of the state, unemployment is rampant.

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