AAP condemns attack to Rajdeep Naik.Asks CM why he is not taking care of Goan artists?

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AAP Goa today condemned the attack on Goan Artist Rajdeep Naik for criticising the Govt. AAP finds it shocking that goons of the BJP would attack Goan artists who are the reason why Goans smile in these tough times just for their opinion. Is criticising the Govt now a crime? Moreover artists just like other Goans are impacted by the economic issues around the Pandemic. Goan artists are those who keep our culture alive so is it not the job of the Govt to take care of them? Why is the Sawant Sarkar first abandoning them then sending pro BJP goons to attack those who criticise them?
Yesterday Rajdeep Naik released a video with his opinion on the scheme of  10,000 rs one time settlement scheme as an aid to Goan artists for the Goan artists by the BJP government of Goa. In this video Naik had demanded that the Rs 10,000, which the government had announced as one-time financial assistance for artistes, should be scrapped as it was an insult to the community. He said that artistes have been jobless since March 2020 and that no effort had been made by the government to support them.
  Many folk dancers, tiatrist, musicians, painters and all those who work in the field of entertainment sector are in bad phase in life amidst this pandemic time and all of them being regular taxpayers.   Why has the Govt not thought of helping them instead of just giving a small one time settlement as they were giving alms?  There are various artists working behind the stage like the cameraman, sound and lights engineers, makeup artists who are also struggling and the Goa government did not even think of these backstage artists who are really working hard to preserve the Goan culture and identity of the state.The artists of Goa are working to keep our culture and our state identity which the state government has forgotten to preserve today.

AAP Leader from Taleigao Cecile Rodrigues agreed with him and said “I would like to ask the BJP Government of Goa and the CM OF Goa Pramod Sawant whether this sum amount 10,000rs is enough for our artists? Government has to think about necessary arrangements for them to find a stable job either through online or offline help. Is that one time settlement sufficient during this time of Covid?”
 “Goan artists won’t forget this insult and mockery made by the BJP government and also the Chief Minister of the state Pramod Sawant. ” added Rodrigues

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