AAP declares Adv. Amit Palekar as CM face for Goa Assembly polls

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Palekar vows to restore Goa’s glory that has been lost for 20 years and guarantees a corruption-free govt

The Aam Aadmi Party announced on Wednesday that noted lawyer and social worker Advocate Amit Palekar from Bhandari Samaj would be its chief ministerial candidate. The announcement was made by AAP national convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal at a press conference.

Kejriwal said, “The AAP is pleased to announce Amit Palekar as the CM face for AAP. Palekar is a person whose heart beats for Goa, a person who will bring people from all facets together, and an individual who has done much for society. He is a man who sacrificed his life to protect the Old Goa heritage site. Amit Palekar represents a fresh new face and we couldn’t get better CM than him in today’s time. Together we will build the future of Goa”.

Adding he said, “Goans are fed up with the old parties and old faces. For a long time, Goans were left with no other option. Now they have an alternative. It is well known in Goa that the Delhi government has done good work in the education, health, and power sector. I urge people in Goa to give Aam Aadmi Party a chance”.

Kejriwal said further, “Palekar who has taken the current government by storm by uncovering numerous scams frauds, and blatant illegalities, is a true fighter. Palekar has overcome a lot of odds and fought a lot of battles since his adulthood to reach this point. Amit Palekar is the new hope for the Goan people”.

“He has dedicated his life during the Pandemic. During the second covid wave cases were increasing since the government was not enforcing lockdown. COVID crisis in the state prompted Palekar to assist the government. It was Palekar who brought the Oxygen Fiasco before the HC, explaining the growing death toll of COVID patients in the state, and it was finally resolved with the help of the HC”, Kejriwal added.

After his name was announced, Palekar got emotional. The advocate-turned-politician’s mother and wife and his family were also present at the press conference.

AAP St. Cruz candidate and CM face Amit Palekar said, “From being a student who despite being a topper wasn’t able to get a job due to rampant corruption in Goa to being the CM face of AAP who exposed the “Job Scam”, I have come far. If my father was still alive today, he would be very proud”.

“The AAP government in Delhi has transformed education and healthcare infrastructure and has focused on human development in the last six years. On the other hand, in Goa, if you look at balance sheets of politicians, only their lives have been transformed. We are yet to see basic facilities in Goa even after 60 years of independence. We need to end this party-hopping politics. Goa needs a change. If AAP gets to power, I will bring back Goa’s glory that has been lost in the past 20 years and will ensure a corruption-free government”, he added.

He further said, “It has been one and a half years since AAP Goa convener Rahul Mhambre and AAP Panaji Candidate Valmiki Naik and other leaders have been leading the AAP. Today, AAP has chosen a common man as its CM candidate. Furthermore, many ordinary people have been given party tickets. AAP is the party of the common man, and we are ready to build a new Goa”.

“Having been a victim of Goa’s corrupt system in the past, I decided to pursue a law career. Even today the situation hasn’t changed. Goans have to pay bribes for government jobs. Jobs should be given based on merit. Currently, many young Goans are leaving the state in search of employment. If we win the election, we will provide employment to everyone, and ensure 80 percent reservation for locals in the state”, he added.

Jyoti Palekar, Palekar’s mother and two term Sarpanch of Merces said, “It is an important day for us today. Despite the fact that AAP has announced its CM face from Bhandari Samaj, I promise that Palekar will serve all Goans and work towards development of the state”.

Adding she said, “I have seen his leadership qualities in his school and college days. He has learned several things from his family members that have shaped him into the person he is today”.

Rasika Palekar, Palekar’s wife and lawyer by profession said, “The common person can only dream of a position like this, but AAP has provided wings to the vision of Amit. We have a leader who is honest, credible, and compassionate. Amit is a beacon of hope to all Goans”.

Adding she said, “I don’t say this because he is my husband, but I say this because I have seen him for 22 years work with conviction and honesty. He missed some of his daughter’s most important days just to reach out to people. We will work to save Goa and for future generations”.

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