AAP Goa Desk incharge Atishi hits out at BJP “Tell us a single thing you have done to provide jobs to Goenkars”

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AAP Goa Desk incharge Atishi hit out at the BJP today taking them to task for failing to provide Goenkars with jobs over the last 10 years. Yesterday Delhi Chief Minister and National Convenor Shri Arvind Kejriwal announced his second Guarantee to Goenkars where he promised that he will end Goa’s unemployment crisis. This announcement has hit the BJP hard as joblessness is key election issue in Goa. Today the BJP took a press conference where they attacked Arvind Kejriwal and said only BJP can solve the unemployment crisis in Goa, if that is so then why were they sleeping for the last 8 years.

Instead of working on providing jobs Pramod Sawant has instead been focusing on blaming Goans for his failure. Sawant blamed Goan youth for lacking skills, BJP is in power since 2013, what they have done to provide skills?. Infact Sawant has gone on to put his hands up and say that even God can’t provide jobs to Goans. Can you imagine the CM of the state said only God can give jobs to Goans. No wonder they are angry when Arvind Kejriwal comes to Goa and promises jobs. What has the BJP done in providing skills to make Goan Youth employable? Is it not the job of the Govt to provide skills for employment? Is not 8 years enough time to do this? Is the govt promoting the private sector in Goa? Is it training youth to have skills for jobs? Is the Govt training youth to be entrepreneurs.

The AAP will set up a skill university that will help youth get more employable. In Delhi AAP has set up a Rozgar Bazaar that has provided a lakh jobs. 65000 new Civil defense personnel have been hired. Thousands of people have got jobs due to the door to door service of the Delhi Govt as well as the new schools, hospitals and other infrastructure that has been created.

More than 80,000 families employed in mining sector are unemployed. The mining crisis was created by the BJP and the Congress hand in hand. In these 8 years mining dependents have been left to deal with their problems on their own. Mining dependents are living in penury, what has the BJP done to help them? Even now there is a worry that when leases go out they may go out to outside companies who will hire their own people and not Goans

During the lockdown and the pandemic the Tourism Industry was most affected. Goans are both directly and indirectly impacted by this sector. Many stakeholders both formal and informal have been hit and their families have been left in a bad condition. Not a single rupee of help to those involved in the industry. There are thousands of Taxi drivers and Rickshaw drivers involved in the sector who have suffered due to the loss of lack of business. No relief package has been announced to Taxi drivers, Hotel staff, shuttle operators etc. Mining and Tourism are the two pillars of Goa’s economy, most of the Goans get job in the same, both are affected, what Pramod Sawant is been doing for all these years!

“Before every election right from the ZP elections Pramod Sawant has been promising 10,000 jobs. And today Damu Naik said BJP is a party of doing and not speaking. So I ask Pramod Sawant and Damu Naik where are these 10,000 jobs? Can you make us meet anyone who has got these jobs? The BJP has announced that they will start mining, but what were they doing for 4 years, what have they done for Mining dependents? What have they done for those who have lost livelihood due to the tourism slump? The answer is that BJP has done nothing for Goenkars” said Atishi AAP Goa Desk incharge. “The fact of the matter is that the BJP was unable to create jobs over the past 8 years. This is why they get angry when Arvind Kejriwal comes to Goa and talks about jobs because they know he has spoken about the reality of Goa” added Atishi

Slamming Damu Naik’s statement that Delhi gets fund from the Centre Atishi said “Damu Naik should get his facts researched before giving a press conference. Delhi is the only state that only works from its own budget and not from the Centre. In Goa BJP has overseen a budget deficit thats so high they cant pay their employees. The Kejriwal Sarkar is the only govt that according to the CAG is running without a defecit. We will do this in Goa too” added Atishi

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