AAP Goa Inaugurates new Office in Velim!Expands footprint in Salcette

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The Aam Aadmi Party on Monday opened a new office in Velim in Salcette, strengthening its hold on the area. The party has been aggressively working in Velim to help locals going to every extent to ensure residents get aid during the pandemic whether it is via Oximeters or door-to-door ration. The office was opened to help the residents of Velim connect better with the party.

In Velim AAP Goa has been working aggressively under the leadership of Cruz Silva Velim Assembly Incharge and Gerson Gomes General Secretary (Minority wing). The residents of Goa are tired of the false promises of Congress and BJP. During the last election, the residents of Velim voted for Filipe Neri Rodriques from Congress but after elections, he jumped like a frog and joined the BJP betraying his voters. The residents of Velim are upset by this betrayal and have decided to vote against the BJP and Congress.

The residents of Velim are attracted to the Kejriwal Model of Governance where citizens get services from the taxes they pay to their Govt.” said Gerson Gomes AAP Goa General Secretary (Minority Wing).
“Goenkars feel that it is about time the Kejriwal model comes to Goa. Velim residents have had any experience with how AAP can work for them by seeing our hard work on the ground. Today we have opened this office so that there can be an easy two-way communication between the residents of Velim and Aam Aadmi Party.” said AAP Velim Assembly in charge of Cruz Silva. 

“Today the Aam Aadmi Party is known throughout the world for its world-class Governance. It is this very governance that we will bring to Goa” said AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre

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