AAP Goa joins Citizens in calling out BJP’s failure to protect women in Goa

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You cannot suppress the voice of Goenkars: Rahul Mhambre AAP Goa Convenor

Despite attempts by the Sawant Sarkar to suppress protests the Aam Aadmi Party joined the Citizens of Goa in a citizen-led protest against the rising crimes against women in the state. On August 4 in Panaji Goan youth and citizens got together to show their anger for crimes against women in the state and the BJP Govt’s inaction on the same, as well as call out Sawant for having enough police force to shut down their earlier protest but not to protect Goan women and children.
A week after 3 rapes were registered citizens are outraged at the lack of concrete action taken to reassure women of their safety. Citizens expressed anger at the Chief Ministers statements pinning the blame of the rape on victims and their families instead of condemning the rapists. The CM has yet to apologise for his statements.
There was a large feeling that the Govt had failed Goans and Goan women especially. The CM himself holds the Home Department portfolio and yet many asked where are the new measures to keep Goa safe for women? Goans wanted to know if the only solution that CM Sawant could give them was asking women to stay indoors.

So far no steps were taken on reassuring women in Goa that they would be safe,no talk of speedy trials or of providing better patrolling has taken place.
“There has been no apology from the CM for his statements, neither has he enumerated steps on how he will make Goa safer” said AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre. I want to remind Goans that even the State Commission for Women is defunct. How can a CM who is not even in the least interested provide justice in this case” added Mhambre
‘How can the CM make such an insenstitive statement blaming victims of rape, that too children and their families” asked Pratima Coutinho AAP Goa Vice President. “Why has he not said anything to make women feel safer in Goa?” added Coutinho

“It is alarming that the CM has spent more time suppressing this protest than on preventing rapes and protecting women,” said AAP Spokesperson Valmiki Naik. “If police force can be spared to suppress protesters why not patrol the streets?” added Naik.
“The statements of the Chief Minister will do nothing but embolden those out to harm women” said AAP Leader Cecille Rodriques. “It is unbelievable that in the 21st century the CM wants women to stay indoors instead of assuring them security,” added Rodriques

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