AAP is the only hope for Goa and Goans: AAP GOA

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Operation Lotus failed against AAP, succeeded against Congress: Capt Venzy Viegas
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AAP is the only hope for Goa and Goans

Aam Aadmi Party Benaulim MLA Capt Venzy Viegas blasted the BJP as “BJP ka dil maange mor” and claimed that the Congress was always on sale as eight Congressmen joined the BJP on Wednesday. He further stated that the final Congress MLA clearance sale would occur before Christmas.

Viegas further said, “AAP is the only hope for Goa and Goans, as evidenced once again by the mega sale of Congressmen. This time as well, these leaders will fail to provide Goans with basic amenities. The time has come for Goans to realize the opportunistic politics of such politicians”.

Viegas was speaking at the press conference held at the party office in Panaji. Also present were AAP President Adv Amit Palekar, AAP Velim MLA Engr. Cruz Silva, AAP Vice President Valmiki Naik and AAP leader Gerson Gomes.

AAP President Adv. Amit Palekar said, “Since the BJP wants “opposition-free” India, they’ve been trying any and every method to eliminate opposition. There have been attempts to bribe AAP leaders in Delhi and Punjab, but BJP has failed miserably. AAP is currently the sole alternative since AAP is the only party in the nation that is strongly challenging the BJP”.

Palekar said, “The Congress leaders joining the BJP is a very unholy alliance for Goa. The eight legislators who joined the BJP in pursuit of wealth and power betrayed not only Gods but Goans as well. We are the only honest party in the country, and our MLAs will always work for Goans’ benefit”.

AAP Velim MLA Cruz commends Velim residents for choosing AAP over other parties. He said, “The setting between certain Congress leaders and the BJP was exposed in a video released before elections. As AAP has always said, voting for Congress is an indirect vote for the BJP. It is our promise that AAP MLAs will not join any party and will work for the betterment of the common people”.

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