AAP launches “5 Sundays – 5 pm – 5 minutes” campaign to tackle Dengue cases in Panaji

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Aam Aadmi Party’s Panaji unit has launched a fogging exercise coupled with a unique awareness campaign after cases of Dengue spiked in the city. After receiving calls from various parts of Panaji about the rising cases, AAP leader Valmiki Naik and volunteers swung into action by deploying a fogging machine on Sunday.

Launching the “5 Sundays – 5 pm – 5 minutes” campaign, Naik said the Panaji unit will distribute leaflets to make people aware of how Dengue spreads, and how they can take a few simple steps to arrest the Dengue mosquitoes from multiplying. Naik said the campaign asks people to take just 5 minutes at 5 pm every Sunday for the next 5 weeks, to ensure no stagnant water remains in their homes or in their immediate vicinity. Naik said the campaign was inspired by a similar highly successful campaign launched by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who ensured dengue cases and dengue deaths reduced dramatically with proactive steps.

The fogging campaign began on Sunday evening in St. Inez (Ward No 24) which witnesses unsanitary conditions due to garbage and waterlogging. Locals mentioned that CCP and other authorities have failed to take timely action, and thanked the AAP team for their assistance, recalling that it was AAP again that had reached them in time during the covid crisis with oximeters and ration kits.

Stating that people are already apprehensive due to the covid pandemic, Naik mentioned that dengue was creating further panic among the city’s residents as the disease has similar symptoms as covid such as high fever and bodyache. Naik said the newly elected councillors of CCP and the Panaji MLA Atanasio Monserrate and the BJP Govt of Goa have failed the people of Panaji.

“Despite being the capital of the state Panaji has become a Dengue hot spot. It’s clear that BJP’s Swacch Bharat Campaign has failed in Panaji.” said AAP Goa Vice President Valmiki Naik. “That’s why we have launched our campaign of 5 Sundays, 5 PM 5 Minutes. We urge all Panaji residents to spend 5 minutes on Sunday at 5 pm to check their nearby surroundings to clear breeding grounds for mosquitos. Apart from improving Delhi’s health infrastructure it it is by such proactive people centric steps like this that Arvind Kejriwal successfully fought dengue” added Naik

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