AAP Launches Music Video for Lets Clean Goan Politics Campaign

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AAP Goa today launched a Music video to go with their successful Let’s Clean Goan Politics Campaign. The video makes fun of the 10 Congress MLAs who jumped from Congress to BJP.

The Aam Aadmi Party has been crisscrossing the state on their campaigns and many Goenkars are joining because they see the value that AAP can bring to Goa. Goans know that they cannot trust either BJP or the Congress who are two sides of the same coin. While going door to door Goans have told AAP Goa that they now want leaders who are loyal to their voters. The 10 MLAs who hopped have betrayed their voters and mandate, while making an excuse that this was done for “development”, Goans have realised that only these MLAs have developed not Goa.

“Goans are tired of MLAS playing with their emotions,” said AAP Goa Vice President Pratima Coutinho. “Today this song is an attempt to expose these jumping frogs who stole and sold Goans’ mandates” added Coutinho

“Our campaign is aimed to show the real face of these betrayers, we will reach every household and make them realise that these betrayers have not only sold their votes but pushed Goa into deep corruption, they have a problem when we distribute Ration to help our fellow brothers and sisters, but they never do anything on their own to help Goans. Its time that all Goans should come together and clean the Goan politics from BJP and Congress, once in for all”, said Pratima Coutinho.

She said that AAP has been active on ground during pandemic, from Oxygen Concentrators, to distributing packed cooked foods, to doctor helpline and now ration. AAP has done everything that BJP Government should have done. Congress was also absent, this shows that all they care is about minting money and they have no sentiments attached to Goans. It is time to teach them a lesson

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