After a successful blood donation drive organised by its Youth Wing, the Aam Aadmi Party has launched a Plasma Donation Drive as part of its #GoansAgainstCorona campaign.

State Convenor Rahul Mhambre informed that the decision was taken after the party received a number of requests from citizens for plasma, as there was a shortage at the Plasma Bank at GMC due to lack of donors.

Youth Wing coordinator Shripad Pednekar informed that the drive has been launched today with 20 donors already confirmed, with a goal to create a database of at least 50 donors.
“Some of our donors have already donated today. The Plasma Bank at GMC is scheduling further appointments for the remaining donors as per requirement.”, Pednekar said.

Pednekar added that if the donation is made through apheresis method instead of regular blood donation method, then only the plasma is extracted and the remaining components are returned to the donors body.

“This allows for the same donor to donate plasma every 15 days,’ whereas a blood donor has to wait three months before the next donation”, Pednekar added.

Mhambre informed that donors were located through the AAP’s own volunteer base, many of whom had turned positive themselves while working to provide COVID relief to fellow Goenkars.

“We have also contacted the beneficiaries of our Oximeter Seva who received a free oximeter during their home isolation. Many have expressed their willingness to donate plasma after their recovery”, Mhambre added.