AAP MLA should not mislead people, its victory of Oppn when Govt accepts suggestions: Congress

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Panaji, April 4: Clarifying that he didn’t do any ‘setting’ with ruling party BJP, Congress MLAs Adv. Carlos Alvares Ferreira on Tuesday stated that if the government accepts the suggestions given by opposition then it should be recognized as ‘victory’.

Adv. Carlos Alvares Ferreira was reacting to the allegation made by AAP MLA Venzy Veigas stating the former helped the government to pass the bills by undermining the voice of opposition during the recently concluded assembly session.

Ferreira on Tuesday addressed a press conference and rejected the allegations made by AAP MLA. Congress Media cell Chairman Amarnath Panjikar was also present.

“If Chief Minister asks for suggestions from the opposition and if they are accepted by the government then it should be recognized as a victory of the opposition. We are not here to play drama or lie to the people. One should not mislead the house,” Ferreira said.

Congress leader said that Viegas should first understand that he opposed the amendments to the Agriculture and Communidade bill during the debate.

“I know what I am saying on the floor of the house. I will not mislead. Government has all the numbers to pass the bill. They have 33 MLAs. We are just 7. They can do what they want. However, I have explained the communidade law clause by clause and opposed it,” he said.

Ferreira also produced High Court Judgment to rubbish rhe claim of Venzy Viegas that amendment could not be made to Comuindade Code without complying with Art 652 of the Code of Comunidades.

He said that it is completely wrong to make false statements on the floor of the house. “He (Viegas) got angry because I told the correct position of law,” Congress MLA Ferreira said.

He demanded to know if “people can trust such people who are elected and make completely false statements and come with falsehoods on the floor of the House? Can you trust a party which wants to mislead the citizens? Do you think they will save Goa?”

He said that AAP MLA should stop portraying Congress in a bad light. “We went to the well of the house to oppose the amendments,” he said.

“I stood with the Opposition to oppose the Bill: I did not vote with the Government nor did I walk out of the House. I am also a major shareholder of Margao Comunidade and shareholder of several Comunidades. So why should I not have interests of Comunidades in my mind?,” he questioned.

Ferreira said that he had objected to the amendments of agricultural Bill.

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