PANAJI: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Goa on Thursday ridiculed the claim made by Power Minister Nilesh Cabral that electricity charges are cheapest in Goa and claimed that the AAP government in Delhi is giving free power to its people for consumption of upto 200 units.

AAP spokesman Adv Surel Tilve said that in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal government is giving free power for consumption upto 200 units and 50 per cent power subsidy for people consuming electricity 200 to 400 units. Despite of this, Delhi government’s budget was surplus, he mentioned.

Adv Tilve further demanded to know how can Power Minister Nilesh Cabral claim that electricity charges in Goa are cheapest in the country when Delhi government is giving free power to those consuming upto 200 units?

He said that if the Goa government gives free power then about 70 to 80 per cent of consumers will be benefitted and they need not pay any electricity bills given their electricity consumption.

Adv Tilve charged that BJP government is working for the corporate lobby and cannot give power to common people. In Delhi power is supplied 24×7 and consumer is entitled for compensation for unannounced power cuts.

But in Goa, in remote areas like Netravali in Sanguem taluka people face power outages throughout the day if tree falls on electricity wires, he said adding that during lockdown people received inflated electricity bills.

He alleged that there was conspiracy to make Goa a coal hub and the Power Minister is not taking steps for promotion of solar energy in the State.

Comparing the power bills of two States, Adv Tilve said that in Delhi, people get zero bills and in Goa, consumers pay minimum Rs 455 for consumption of upto 200 units. Similarly in Delhi, people who consume electricity between 200 and 400 units, pay Rs 1070 per month with 50 per cent power subsidy and Goans pay Rs 1217 per month.

He appealed to the people of Goa to compare what the Goa government doing for its people is good or what the AAP government doing for its “Aam Janata” was good.

Meanwhile, Delhi AAP legislator Raghav Chadha has accepted Power Minister Nilesh Cabral’s challenge for public debate on electricity in Goa.

Taking to Tweeter, Chadha said, “Goa Power Min, Sh Cabral challenges Delhi electricity model (in which ppl get 24hr uninterrupted power free of cost). He wants to have a public debate Mr. Cabral, I will reach Goa by 2 pm on 17 Nov. Kindly intimate time & venue anytime thereafter, where I shud come for public debate.”