AAP takes out Massive Rozgar Yatra in Nuvem!

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The Aam Aadmi Party took out a huge Rozgar Yatra in Nuvem today. The Yatra was attended by 100s of volunteers followed by large Booth level meetings. The Yatra took to the internal roads of the village and went on to booth meetings. The Yatra pulled 100s of residents who registered for Kejriwal’s Job Guarantee. Nuvem being in the coastal belt has faced major issues with tourism related unemployment due to the Pandemic
In the recent past, a large no of youth are unemployed due to slowdown of shipping because of the Pandemic. Nuvem falls on the coastal belt, due to this the slowdown in the Tourism sector has created a crisis. Particularly, there has been no attention on local employment in tourism. The Taxi business is also predominant in this area. Families of Taxikars have suffered due to the tourism slowdown and many are eager to support Arvind Kejriwals announced initiative of Rs.5000 as support to those impacted in the tourism sector.
Arvind Kejriwal in his visit last month to Goa has announce his guarantee of providing employment to every youth if the Aam Admi Party government is formed in the state. He said that every youth will be given employment after the formation of the AAP government and till the employment is not provided, one youth of every family will be given RS 3,000 per month. He announced that 80 percent of jobs in the private sector will be reserved for the youth of Goa. Rs 5,000 would be provided monthly to families who lost employment due to shutdown of tourism and mining. AAP Government will further establish a Skill University in Goa on the lines of Delhi’s DSEU. He further said that AAP will bring an end to nepotism in government jobs in Goa and the jobs will be made available to the common man.
The Nuvem Yatra was flagged by Dr. Mariano Godinho, AAP Leader, Nuvem. Godinho said “Once the AAP government comes to power, there will be a change. Employment opportunities will open up tremendously. Corruption with be rooted out. With Arvind Kejriwal’s promise the youths opportunities will increase. ”
“Locals want employment opportunities that prioritise them in Nuvem. Amongst our Taxikar families there is admiration for how Arvind Kejriwal has supported Taxikars where they are in power” added Dr Godinho

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