AAP Vice Presidents Valmiki Naik and Pratima Coutinho meet striking Goa Samagra Shiksha teachers, support their demands for job security

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AAP leaders Adv Pratima Coutinho and Valmiki Naik met Goa Samagra Shiksha teachers, who are on hunger strike from past three days at azad maidan on Friday and demanded regularisation of 54 part time instructors.

While addressing to the media Pratima Coutinho, vice president of AAP said, “Currently government’s home ministry department is only active. Someone comes to protest then the officials from the home ministry come to the location. Here, contract teachers have been on Hunger strike in Azad maidan from the past three days and Education minister Pramod Sawant is nowhere to be found. We demand that the CM activate his education department and regularise part time instructors”.

She further said, “There are a total 54 instructors of special subjects working under Samagra Shiksha, many of whom have been working since 2011. They have been appointed on contract basis with a monthly remuneration of Rs. 15,000 -16,000. Their contract has been continuously renewed. All the said instructors are graduates, a few double graduates and Phd holder, from recognised professional colleges and are well qualified in their respective fields. AAP leaders come here to console them. AAP supports the teacher’s demand of regularisation in the job”.

“They are named as Part time instructors but the fact is that they are working full time from 7.45 am – 1.45pm, like any other regular teacher. They conduct regular classes; take up other assigned duties of the school. Along with respective subject they are also engaged for substitution classes and at times handle scholastic subjects”, she said.

Valmiki Naik, vice president of AAP said, “Teachers are working tirelessly but their salary is very low. These teachers are working on a contract basis from 10-12 years. Some of them crossed their age limit to apply for government jobs. CM Pramod Sawant talks a lot about how Goa has a great education infrastructure but we know the status of government schools in Goa. Teachers are an important part of any education institution. Here, teachers are not regularised.”

He further said, “For AAP the contract word doesn’t exist. The Kejriwal government started thousands of new classrooms and enrolled thousands of teachers in a permanent position. On one side CM Sawant talks about creating 10,000 job posts and on the other hand teachers are demanding permanent employment from the last five years. We demand to regularise the striking teachers and then talk about creating 10,000 job posts. We demand written assurance from CM”.

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