AAPs Oximeter Seva gets overwhelming response from Goans

Aam Aadmi Party has said that its Oximeter Seva being provided as part of the #GoansAgainstCorona campaign has received an overwhelming response. State Convenor Rahul Mhambre informed that over 200 oximeters have been given to patients under home isolation in just 7 days.

“AAP responded to the crisis situation that developed when both Govt kits as well as pharmacies ran out of oximeter devices due to an astronomical rise in the number of active covid cases in Goa. People have whole-heartedly welcomed the initiative as a yeoman service provided during a critical time of need”, Mhambre said.

Mhambre added that the party was approached for help not only by individuals, but also some organisations and even a hospital.

Oximeter Seva coordinator Amit Malik related some of the feedback received from beneficiaries of the service. Malik highlighted a review that Vernul Sequiera, a recipient from Margao, posted on Facebook. Sequeira stated in his post that he was “seriously worried” due to the shortage of oximeters, but revealed that when he filled out AAP’s online form, he received a call from the team “the very next second”, and received the device in the morning. Stating that he never makes political posts, he said he made an exception for AAP’s initiative as “it is about saving people’s lives”, adding that he was “seriously grateful for the act, and also shocked by the efficiency”.

Malik stated that a recipient from Merces called it “a boon to covid isolation patients”, while another from St. Inez complimented the party for “doing what Govt couldn’t do”. Malik shared another feedback from a recipient in Mapusa who sent a message to his family and colleagues stating “Thank you (Convenor) Rahul (Mhambre) and Aam Aadmi Party for this gesture. I am very apolitical in my views in general, but this I had to share.”

Mhambre appealed once again to all persons requiring oximeter to send a request via the online link, assuring that an AAP Oximitra would contact the patient immediately.
(Short link: https://bit.ly/3vzoenS)