AAPs Oximitra to address critical shortage of oximeters.

Aam Aadmi Party has stepped up its ongoing #GoansAgainstCorona service by providing oximeters to home isolated patients who do not have an oximeter device. State Convenor Rahul Mhambre said this decision was taken after a large number of distress calls were received from panicky Covid-positive Goans who were unable to procure the essential device for their home isolation.

AAP’s Dr. Vibhas Prabhudesai pointed out that most of the Govt health centres have run out of the Govt home isolation kit due to the astronomical rise in the number of active cases in Goa. With new positive cases being added in the thousands every day, Prabhudesai informed that Oximeters are now in short supply even in pharmacies and medical stores.

Dr. Prabhudesai recalled, that during the first wave in Goa last year, the Govt was picking up every positive person and trying to isolate them in Govt facilities. This had created chaos due to insufficient capacity, leading to positive patients being stranded at home or in ad-hoc village-level facilities without any supervision or treatment. Dr. Prabhudesai reminded that, at this critical time AAP had not only successfully convinced the Govt to implement home isolation in Goa, but also supported distressed Goans by providing hundreds of essential Oximeter devices to such patients.

Dr. Prabhudesai stated that the #GoansAgainstCorona campaign started last year was well received not only by Goans, but also by doctors & frontline workers who understood and appreciated the critical service that AAP Goa had provided. Dr. Prabhudesai recalled that Indian Medical Association (Goa Chapter) had publicly recognised and commended this yeoman service by AAP in a press note.

Mhambre pointed out, however, that the Health Minister Mr. Rane and Chief Minister Mr. Sawant, instead of appreciating this contribution, were unable to digest the popularity of AAP’s initiative and had chosen to make petty political comments at that time. Mhambre recalled that Rane had said “AAP is trying to help only after the storm is over”, while ironically, in the same press conference he had to admit that “Cases in Goa could rise to 1,000 per day due to community transmission”. Rane and Sawant wasted almost a month to create overpriced home isolation kits with their photographs on them, during which time AAP persevered to meet the critical needs of Goans, Mhambre said.

With Goa firmly in the eye of a COVID storm that is only getting worse, Mhambre has appealed to the Health Minister and Chief Minister once again to avoid petty politics, and instead gracefully and gratefully accept all support, whether by political parties, organisations, corporates, NGOs, or common citizens.

Mhambre appealed to Goans who have detected positive for Covid-19 not to panic if they are not able to locate an Oximeter. Releasing an online link for sending a request for an oximeter, Mhambre assured that an AAP Oximitra would contact the patient shortly.
(Short link: https://bit.ly/3vzoenS)

Dr. Prabhudesai concluded by stating the importance of Oximeters as an invaluable tool to keep track of one’s lung function during covid, informing that a drop in SpO2 reading is one of the earliest sign of any deterioration, which can help a doctor decide whether the patient needs further treatment or hospitalisation. Dr. Prabhudesai urged all positive patients to stay in touch with a doctor throughout their home isolation, and follow all instructions.