After a job scam has been exposed, Palekar called on the Health Minister to resign

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AAP’s Mahasabha moves in Porvorim

Aam Aadmi Party leader Advocate Amit Palekar demanded to dismiss the Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane, who is the mind behind a huge job scam in the health sector.

Palekar said, “If the BJP government is a little ashamed, then they should sack the ministers involved in the job scam from their position”.

Palekar was talking in the Mahasabha held in Porvorim on Saturday along with AAP Porvorim leader Ritesh Chodankar and other AAP leaders, where around 5000 people were gathered.

Palekar stated that the CM Pramod Sawant holds recruitment after AAP exposed the job scam in PWD sector.
This is a victory of Goans and victory of aam aadmi. The entire cabinet of the BJP government is heavily involved in the scandals. Only the AAP has been raising it’s voice against the corruption and scandals of the BJP government  continuously and regularly. 

He further said, “CM Sawant is afraid of HM Vishwajeet Rane, therefore has not set up an inquiry committee to investigate the matter. He has done huge scams in the  health, PWD, IPHB and Food and Drugs department. The government should sack Rane immediately, who has been playing with the future of youth of Goa”.

Palekar who launched a hotline to report bribery during AAP’s Mahasabha held at Navelim stated that the AAP has received thousands of calls on the bribery matter and received haul of videos as well. With the help of this AAP will systematically do inquiry and has made preparations to send the ministers involved in job scam to jail.

Earlier Palekar had alleged that no process has been followed during recruitment and that people have been appointed before appointment letters are issued. He had also claimed that 95 per cent of the jobs were given to people from Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s Sakhali constituency and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane’s Valpoi constituency.

AAP leader Ritesh Chodankar said, “After all these scams and scandals, there is no doubt that the BJP government will fall in this election. Goans are fed up with the both national parties and looking forward to AAP with hope. It is the result of Kejriwal’s development vision for the state and his guarantees; the confidence of the Goans is growing rapidly in the AAP”.

He further said,  “Currently, unemployment is the biggest issue Goa has been facing. Due to the lockdown tourism dependents had lost their source of income as there were no tourists coming in. The present government has done nothing to support them. Mining dependent families have been facing severe challenges due to the closure of the mining sector”.

“Seeing the challenges faced by unemployed youth the party aims to provide a sum of Rs 5,000 to each tourism impacted family till the time tourism resumes full swing. The party will provide 80% reservation for local residents and will bring in transparency in the way jobs are given. To make the youth more employable and their skillset more productive, the party has also assured to set up a skill development university in lines with the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University”, he added.

Currently, AAP has ramped up its door-to-door campaigning and Parivartan Yatras in the State. AAP received an overwhelming response for its last two Mahasabhas held in Navelim and Dabolim and about 10 thousand people attended the programme.

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