Aldona MLA calls for free and fair probe in land grab cases

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PANAJI: Aldona Congress MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira has appealed to the chief minister to give the police a free hand while investigating land grab cases.  

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Goa Police has been investigating land grab cases, with several people arrested so far for their involvement. 

The SIT had recently stated that some politicians are also involved in the land grab cases. 

“I had stated earlier that there are high-level politicians involved in these land grab matters. If the police have the data and acknowledge that there is a politician involved in the fraud, and that if this politician is holding a high position, then the chief minister owes a duty and responsibility to make that politician step down from that post. This will give the police a complete free hand, and the police will not manipulate the probe, nor any influence will be exerted on the police for diverting the course of the investigation,” Ferreira said. 

“It is my sincere appeal to the government and the chief minister… you can take your action without making a noise. Let us not tarnish anybody’s name. As the CM and home minister, you have the confidential report, you have access to it. Take action so that we get the truth and justice,” he added.

The MLA said that when it came to free and fair investigations during the Congress rule, if any person of the party was accused, the person was made to step down. 

“We were honest, whether the action was really warranted or not was a different matter. Police will not be able to work if someone is sitting high in a chair,” he said.

Reacting to the recent comment made by BJP’s Goa Desk-incharge C T Ravi that Congress MLAs are joining the BJP, Ferreira said, “You have a safe and comfortable number, so what’s the need to poach other MLAs into BJP? This indicates something is wrong within the BJP.  We are hearing this story of Congress MLAs joining BJP for many days and months now,” he said.

“C T Ravi calls Congress a scam and BJP a scheme. If there are scamsters from Congress joining BJP, is the BJP a ganga for cleaning criminals?” questioned the Congress MLA. 

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