Amit Palekar targets the BJP government over false promises about mining

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The Aam Aadmi Party CM candidate Amit Palekar has attacked the BJP government for making false promises to mining dependents, saying that false promises of tall leaders like Union Home Minister Amit Shah cannot hide the failures of the Pramod Sawant-led government.

During his recent visit to Goa, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the iron ore mining industry in Goa, which went out of operation nearly four years ago, will be brought back into operation with a transparent auction process after the Assembly elections.

Reacting to this Palekar said, “The BJP has ruled the state for ten years now.  So what’s stopping the BJP government from resuming mining in the state? They can’t because their ministers and chief minister haven’t gone over the SC judgment”.

Palekar claimed the BJP government is incompetent and has not taken any action because of selfish motives. Therefore, stop fooling Goans with false promises.

He said, “The Delhi AAP government was brave enough to say if they had done the work, then people should vote. But the BJP has none of this courage because they haven’t done any work. Hence, they have to call tall leaders from other states to Goa to spread lies”.

Adding he said, “Make sure Goans don’t fall for the false promises made by the BJP government. Vote for AAP, which has the courage to say only vote if the party has actually done some work”.

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