Amit Palekar’s fast unto death marks the start of a new revolution in Goa: Arvind Kejriwal

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The divine power is coming together to change the future of Goa: Arvind Kejriwal

Amit Palekar’s fast against the illegal structure marked the beginning of Goa’s political cleansing. All divine forces are coming together, and the coming polls will usher in revolution, stated Arvind Kejriwal, AAP national convenor and Delhi CM on Saturday.

Arvind Kejriwal arrived Goa on Saturday afternoon and praised Amit for his courage as he was on an indefinite hunger strike to save Old Goa heritage site.

While addressing the media Kejriwal said, “Amit Palekar was on an indefinite hunger strike for the past five days. He braved hot sun and the rain. When his health started to deteriorate, his doctor advised him to end his fast; however, he chose to persist. After seeing Amit Palekar’s indefinite hunger strike and the kind of support he has been receiving from Goans, finally the government was forced to cave in. This is the beginning of Goa’s political cleansing”.

“People who claim Palekar’s hunger strike was a political stunt, I challenge them to fast for five days. Fasting is a spiritual experience. It cleanses the body and soul.  In the last 60 years of liberation, no political leader has burnt out their body for a cause. On one side, people are backing Palekar, and on the other, politicians have derided it as a political stunt. Horse trading in Goan politics has taken Goa to a very low point and has started a revolution in Goa. Good times are ahead in the state”, he said further.

On the day of ‘Goenchea Saibache Feast’, the TCP wrote to Old Goa Panchayat, to revoke technical clearance and demolish the illegal structure.

AAP leader Amit Palekar said, “My experience fighting against the illegal structure has been great. I have been overwhelmed by the kind of support I’ve received in the last five days, and I’m still receiving messages and calls from Goans. During my fasting, a lady who has been on a hunger strike regularly checked my pulse and monitored my health. After I ended my fast, this woman started crying, saying she would miss me. It means a lot”.

“This victory belongs to Goenkars. It was possible because a lot of concerned citizens raised their voice against the illegality. We have accomplished a lot, but the battle isn’t yet over. The TCP had issued a demolition order, but we will have to monitor it. Now the legal fight will start, and it will not end until the building is demolished”, he said.

“The divine presence kept me going. Nobody believed I can do hunger strike.
I will take this fight forward as an Advocate and ensure that structure is demolished”, he added.

Palekar slammed people who have been accusing Palekar’s fast unto death was a political stunt. “What stopped other political parties to gain such political mileage? I was at the protest site braving scorching sun and the rain in between. The government is scared because of the support I’ve received. The revolution has began in Goa against the corruption”.

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