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The Municipality garbage plant at Dumane Agonda is another Sonsoddo in the making at Canacona. The garbage treatment plant looks unattended. Since the garbage is uncovered and also due to heavy rains, the water flows through the dump area and enters the river. The same water further flows into the fields causing harm to the water table.

The stagnant water in the dump is another happy home for mosquitoes. As the number of Dengue cases is on the rise, this poses a huge threat to the villagers.

“This beautiful village of Dumane Agonda is turned into a polluted dump, the villagers are suffering these crises of pollution due to mismanagement of elected representatives, as they seem not to be bothered of the suffering of the ones who have got them elected,” Revolutionary Goans Member Prashant Pagi.

“This garbage dump is another result which proves the failure of the elected representatives and if they can’t manage garbage, How will they manage the running of the state,” highlighted Revolutionary Goans Member Sanjam Naique.

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