Margao – It is sad and painful to know that the irresponsible BJP Government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared Rs. 20000 Crores Central Vista project in Delhi as “Essential Service” and allowed its work to continue during the lockdown; when people are struggling for Oxygen, Medicines, Beds & Vaccines in this critical Covid pandemic all across the country stated Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat.

This inhuman act of the BJP Government is like rubbing salt on the wounds of the people who are suffering because of governments apathy charged Digambar Kamat. The need of the hour is Government must divert all funds for healthcare he said.

The BJP Government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no money to provide free vaccines to the people. Our Leader Rahul Gandhi has consistently demanded that Government must give free vaccines to all. Unfortunately, the Modi Government has now passed on the responsibility on States asking them to take a call on vaccination Digambar Kamat said.

The act of the BJP Government to continue with the work of Central Vista project when nation needs to focus on healthcare facilities exposes the insensitivity of the BJP. Even in Goa, the local BJP Government continues to make wasteful expenditure on Memorials when there are reports of shortage of Vaccines in the State Digambar Kamat stated.

Interestingly, BJP Parivar member, the Aam Aadmi Party Government in Delhi has remained a silent spectator to the work being done of Central Vista project even though there is lockdown in Delhi. It is because they are now on a mission to carry forward the legacy of BJP leaders charged Digambar Kamat.

There is no clarity on how many vaccines are in stock and whether the vaccination drive for above 18 will start from 1st May 2021 as announced by the Goa Government. People are made to run from pillar to post to arrange beds for their relatives. Government has now woken up and is now planning to install Oxygen Plant at GMC. Last one year, BJP Government did not do anything to better the healthcare facilities and health infrastructure in Goa.

The Government needs to set its priorities right and focus on healthcare. BJP is depriving the basic fundamental “Right to Life” to the citizens with its failure to provide life saving medical oxygen claimed Digambar Kamat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to explain to the people on utilisation of PM Cares Fund. It appears that government miserably failed to create even basic infrastructure and facilities in last one year. Where is the huge amount collected in PM Care Fund gone questioned Digambar Kamat.

It is painful to see that the much-hyped “Diya Jalav, Taali Bajav, Thali Bajav” events launched by Prime Minister have now culminated into the burning of pyres. The graveyards are getting full with an increasing number of burials. People are suffering and Government is still celebrating Digambar Kamat said.