Babush completed only 5 out of 175 promises from 2019 manifesto. Babush gave his own son a plum Govt post, but has left Panaji youth jobless and in depression: AAP’s Valmiki

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Displaying the respective 2019 Panaji bye-election manifestos, AAP V-P Valmiki Naik lambasted both the Bharatiya Janata Party and Panaji MLA Babush Monserrate.

“Out of 175 grand promises made in his manifesto, Babush completed only 5. Similarly out of 45 promises made by the BJP, it was able to complete only 2, despite having a majority Govt. Major requirements of the city such as municipal market phase-3, smart city development, multi-level parking etc remained unfulfilled. But BJP Govt spent crores of money on over-priced and non-critical projects such as Kala Academy renovation and Capt of Ports Terminal building”, Naik charged at the press conference, accompanied by CCP candidates Adv. Malisa Simoes & Uma Volvoikar, and city entrepreneur & heritage activist Jack Sukhija.

Naik said the biggest lie of BJP and Babush, however, was their false assurances on the issue of jobs. Stating that the Monserrate family was in control of the Greater Panaji PDA, the Smart City Corporation, the CCP, the Revenue ministry, the IT ministry and Labour ministry, Naik demanded to know how many jobs Babush had given Ponnjekars.

“Only a few chamchas of the MLA or relatives of his councillors have got jobs. And of course, Monserrate’s own son was given the plum Govt post of Mayor, despite not having any experience or merit for the same”, said Naik, taking a dig at Babush.

Naik stated that both BJP and Babush sensed the overwhelming public anger on this issue, and tried to create a distraction by raking up the PWD job scam a few months before elections.

“Babush’s threat to go to court over the issue was just for media consumption. This man has never gone to court even a single time for the good of the people, he has never filed a PIL over a public issue. AAP leaders have gone to court many times on important issues such as formalin in fish, oxygen shortage during covid, potholes, Terminal building etc. The only time Monserrate has been to court is to appear for crimes such as rape of a 16-year old child, attack on the Panaji police station, or smuggling of foreign currency”, Naik mocked.

Naik said jobs is the most serious issue facing Ponnjekars today, stating that educated and qualified youth are sitting at home unemployed. Naik related various heartbreaking stories of families he encountered during the door-to-door campaign.

“ I met a mother whose son applied for more than 60 government posts, and she waited at Babush’s office every week from 10 am to 2 pm for the past six months hoping to get his approval. I met a father who started crying on my shoulder, because his son is suffering from depression after being repeatedly disappointed by BJP and and Babush. I met a young boy who quit his studies after 12th Std, because his cousin sister who has completed B.Com accepted an Attendant position after many attempts to get a Govt job, and now has to sweep floors – he said what is the point of studying further if I only have to sweep floors”, Naik related.

Naik said the BJP and Babush has destroyed not only the future of Panjim’s youth by keeping them unemployed, but has also killed their aspirations and hope for a better future by fooling them with the carrot of Govt jobs.

“AAP is the only hope for these youth. It is the only party that is even concerned about these youth, and has a vision and the ability to solve this problem. I call upon all Ponnjekars to show the BJP and Babush the consequences of playing with our youth’s future by overwhelmingly voting for AAP on February 14th”, Naik appealed.

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