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The 30 year KTC bus stand shed left in a neglected state is now on the verge of collapse. It is now declared unsafe by KTC Authorities.

Its been months since the KTC Bus stand shed meant to shelter passengers is barricaded with metal sheets to prevent entry of passengers into the shed. Following this, five days back the Danger warning sign boards were also installed on barricades warning the passengers not to enter KTC Bus stand shed stating that it is structurally unsafe.

This forced the local as well as interstate passengers to stand and wait for buses under the open sky facing the scorching heat and Sunlight. Now after facing one month of summer heat under open sky and sun. The passengers worry that the oncoming monsoon around the corner without a shed will add to the woes.

Passengers travelling from this bus stand said its month now KTC bus shed is barricaded from all sides however there is no sign of repair nor any declaration is made to construct new KTC Bus Stand shed. When inquiry was conducted with KTC Control room at KTC bus stand, the staff on duty said they have no idea whether the KTC bus shed will be repaired or new will be constructed.

One motorcycle pilot operating at KTC bus stand It’s total negligence towards passengers at Ponda KTC Bus Stand. He said some passengers stand under trees to protect from scorching heat and sunlight, while some passengers found covering their faces with scarf, handkerchiefs and dupattas to save them from Sun heat. Despite having plenty of land in KTC possession no efforts are made to erect temporary shed for passengers.

The elderly and children are suffering as most of the shops operating in the KTC bus stand are closed down since shed is barricaded from all sides.

**In 1991 the government constructed KTC Bus Stand at a playground named as Subashchandra Bose Ground. The youths used to play football and cricket. Later KTC Bus Stand was constructed. But since last 30 years there was no maintenance work was held at KTC Bus stand. Result the part of shed structures and beams exposed to rain leading to its condition deteriorated and it could collapse any time. Earlier two years back a portion of beam was collapsed and one passenger was injured. Not only KTC Bus stand shed structure became dangerous but the Bus Parking areas and road leading to KTC is also in worst condition with huge potholes are seen on road and parking area.

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