Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Plant to Open on Friday: Babush

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Minister Babush Monserrate stated that the Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Plant will open on Friday at the hands of the Chief Minister. “The Garbage treatment plant was ready in 2021 and has treated 428 tonnes of medical waste from inception. It handles 788 health care facilities and can handle domestic garbage like the sanitary waste and diapers. the Municipal and panchayat should collect the segregated waste and send to the facility.”

With regards to the opposed Bainguinim plant, Monserrate clarified that the plant will go ahead. “We got a clearance as far as the other departments. The area was earmarked for a waste treatment plant and the other buildings came later. We all have to co-exist. Where will the waste go? Who creates the waste? Ultimately, we are the ones creating it. We are just trying to create obstruction without knowledge. I welcome people to come and visit other plants.”

Fresh tenders will be issues for Bainguiinim.

He added that CCTVs will be installed in revenue officers through CSR funds as Government processes take time.

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