Margao – The Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and his Cabinet Ministers, BJP MLA’s and Functionaries are all busy in making “Business from Peoples Sickness”. They want to loot the state treasury in the remaining eight months. The greed of the BJP Government to make fortunes has made Goans less fortunate charged GPCC President Girish Chodankar.

He was reacting to reports of unrest in the government with Ministers & MLA’s accusing each other and meeting of Panjim MLA Atanasio Moneserrate with Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant yesterday.

The single point agenda of BJP government to take huge kickbacks and commission on every deal has made Goans less fortunate. Goans are now suffering for want of oxygen, medicines, ventillators and vaccines stated Girish Chodankar.

People are gasping as oxygen is in short supply. There are no beds available in any of the healthcare facility. Doctors and Nurses are exhausted beyond capacity. Sadly, Ministers and MLA’s attention is only on making money by grabbing lucrative ministerial berths Girish Chodankar said.

It is disastrous that the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant spends hours discussing with habitual defector Babush Monserrate on fixing political deals in the State, when people are suffering and there is complete collapse of administration as well healthcare infrastructure. The greed of BJP has stooped to a new low with Government now making “Business of People’s Sickness” stated Girish Chodankar.

Health Minister Vishwajit Rane needs to answer to the people why the two floors of the South Goa District Hospital are still not utilised by the governnment. We want to know why the local oxygen supplier was discontinued by the Health Department. Why there is overload on doctors and nurses in all government hospitals questioned Girish Chodankar.

Where are all the BJP Ministers, MLA’s and Office Bearers as well as the BJP Cadre who once were celebrating with Taali Bajav Thaali Bajav Diya Jalav events? Why are they not visible on ground now with oxygen, medicines, beds for patients questioned Girish Chodankar.

It is shocking to see the insensitive BJP government issuing transfer orders of various government officials when Goa is at the peak of the pandemic. This government now wants officials to facilitate their money making mission during the last few months in power. Those who do not support them are transferred stated Girish Chodankar.

We want to warn all the government officials and other staff not to come under pressure from the ministers as well as MLA’s as the days of BJP Government are numbered. Congress party is keeping a close watch on each and every activity of the government warned Chodankar.

Today, the need of the hour is entire government machinery utilises every minute to reach out to Covid patients with possible health care. Ironically, the Chief Minister has different priorities and is gambling to save his chair charged Girish Chodankar.

Congress party will never ever align with those whose priorities are greed for power. The habitual defectors change sides only for their self benefits. We will never ever endorse their actions Girish Chodankar stated categorically.

I appeal to the people of Goa to watch the deeds of BJP. They dont have any programme to make Goa self reliant. Their only intention is to make each of the BJP functionary “Swayampurna” by looting the public money.