BJP Govt has washed its hands of covid management. Goans left to find their own oxygen or die: AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party has said that despite a major calamity being avoided last night after oxygen ran out in a ward at GMC, the Govt of Goa has still not got its act together. Expressing disbelief at the sheer apathy of the Govt, State Convenor Rahul Mhambre said the situation at GMC today is actually even worse, with many patients being now told plainly to make their own arrangements for oxygen cylinders.

Mhambre highlighted an incident last night when an alert citizen, Ashley Delaney, posted an SOS message on social media platform Facebook warning that the oxygen had run out in Ward 142 of GMC and that patients may die as their O2 saturation levels were dropping. Mhambre informed that AAP leader and spokesperson Valmiki Naik, after seeing the SOS post, immediately informed the Chief Minister and Health Minister by telephone, following which an emergency supply of oxygen was brought in. Mhambre said the timely action stopped a major tragedy from taking place, describing the situation as so bad that doctors were bringing cylinders from other wards and sharing one cylinder between multiple patients just to keep them alive.

AAP has demanded that the CM make a time-bound enquiry as to why a system has not been set up yet to raise SOS for such critical shortages of oxygen, despite deaths already reported to have occurred due to this reason. Stating that the CM & Health Minister have so far only shifted the blame for high death rate to people by giving excuses like comorbidities and delay in admission, Mhambre demanded to know who would they blame now for the lives being lost due to oxygen shortage at the hospitals.

Mhambre has condemned the blame games between the CM and Health Minister, and stated that the BJP Govt cannot hide behind any explanations or excuses any more. Mhambre demanded that results have to be shown by taking collective responsibility, or the Govt must resign.

Mhambre also criticised the BJP for the fact that, even during such times of despair and grief, a BJP MLA is fighting to seek a portfolio in the cabinet.