BJP is trying to distract Goans with political Tiatr, while High Court proves AAP right on oxygen issue : AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party has hit out at the BJP Govt for indulging in political infighting and drama while Goans are gasping to their death every day. Reminding that AAP had highlighted the turf war between CM Sawant and HM Rane multiple times, Mhambre said that our worst fears that this friction would ultimately cost lives has now come true. Pointing out that the GMC Nodal officer has now officially admitted the oxygen shortage in the High Court today, Mhambre expressed regret that hundreds of valuable Goan lives could have been saved if AAP’s continuous SOS alerts on the oxygen crisis had been heeded.

Mhambre said the Health Minister’s curious demand for a HC investigation into his own department’s functioning, as well as Atanasio Monserrate’s unsolicited statements and demand for a CBI investigation, were all just acts in the political Tiatr that the Bharatiya Janata Party is orchestrating in order to divert people’s attention from its Govt’s dismal failures.

Mhambre demanded to know, if Rane knew of serious issues that warranted a HC investigation, then why did he stay silent all this while as hundred of people died under his watch. Mhambre also questioned Monserrate’s sudden concern for the spiralling covid crisis, when he was mum about the super-spreader casinos in his own constituency.

Mhambre also ridiculed the CM Pramod Sawant for taking a photography crew instead of the Health Minister with him during the visit to covid wards yesterday. Accusing the CM of using the visit only as a photo-op, Mhambre remarked that the CM never had any intention of actually solving the issues.
“This was proved by his shocking abdication of responsibility for the oxygen shortage when he blamed the trolley drivers for delay in oxygen reaching the hospitals”, Mhambre added.

Mhambre slammed the BJP Govt and sought the intervention of the Governor to keep people of Goa abreast of the situation at govt hospitals as people have lost confidence in Pramod Sawant and his cabinet.