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The current BJP government in the state and centre is responsible for the rise in unemployment rate of Goa, alleged Revolutionary Goans Supremo, Manoj Parab in a corner meeting held in the Chief Minister’s constituency recently.
“Jobs are the same, of which advertisements were released in the previous state BJP government. Despite that, there are gross irregularities in the exams, recruitment process and training for the vacant post. Our CM Pramod Sawant is only working to provide employment to outsiders and selling our government jobs to non- Goans,” he said.
“The Goa government has also sold out to Karnataka the Mahadayi River in order to win the by-elections over there. The BJP government is promising Goans free units of water but how will they provide it after already selling Mahadayi. First of all we are already facing a grave problem of water scarcity and the BJP government has gone ahead and sold the basin to Karnataka for their political gains,” said Manoj.
Hevouched to provide all the farmers and youth will free government and private sector jobs as soon as they come into power.
One can recall that earlier, Chief Minister had stopped or brought objection to the hosting of several RG meetings by abusing government machinery. Finally RG has been successful in holding a corner meeting in the CM’s constituency at Sankhali, RG has created an atmosphere in which the future government will belong to RG.
He went on to highlight the issue of migrant influx faced by the people of Sankhali. Over five thousand illegal voters were fraudulently registered by CM to form a major chunk of his vote bank. Manoj promised to get these cancelled and clear the migrant menace.
Manoj also alleged that the government failed to deal with increasing crime rate, unemployment and public security in the state.
Others who expressed their views at the occasion were Shrikrishna Parab, Chhagan Naik, Prathamesh Gavas and Sujay Gavas

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