PANAJI: The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) President Girish Chodankar on Sunday said that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has sold Mhadei River for Karnataka election and now shedding crocodile tears for political gains.

Chodankar said that BJP and its leaders are responsible for reduced water in the Mhadei basin, which has affected Goa.

Reacting to the admittance of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant that water level of Mhadei river basin is reduced, Chodankar said that it is evident that BJP government in the State is trying to hoodwink people on Mhadei issue.

“It is strange when the Chief Minister says that out-of-court settlement is not possible over this dispute with Karnataka, when the neighbouring state is also ruled by BJP and at the center too.” Chodankar said.

“There was report of NIO saying Mhadei water will reduce if it is diverted. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant should bring this report in public domain if he cares for Mhadei and Goa.” he said.

“Sawant has no moral right to say Mhadei is his mother Because he has compromised on Mhadei.” Chodankar said.

Sawant on Friday while admitting that water level at Mhadei basin has reduced, had said that his government was firm on a contempt petition filed against Karnataka for diverting the flow of Mhadei River and hence he will not go for out-of-court settlement.

“What stops the Chief Minister from doing settlement over Mhadei with his own party leaders, is it ego or politics?” questioned Chodankar.

 “People of Goa know that BJP has compromised Mhadei for political gains. But still an all party delegation met BJP leaders, now we are ready to demonstrate in front of the Prime Minister’s Office if Pramod Sawant is really serious about the Madei issue.” Chodankar suggested.

“Actually Pramod Sawant should accept the mistake that the government initially failed to tackle the issue, rather than now admitting that water is reduced in Mhadei basin. Goans are not blind over the issue, but know that BJP compromised Mhadei to derive political dividend in Karnataka.” Chodankar alleged.

 “If this is the stage (reduced water) now, then what will happen in the next ten years. The Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant should come clear over what has been done to protect Mhadei.” Chodankar said.