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Rohir Naik from Ponda offers digital solutions to business seeking to expand and grow.

Can you tell us about your business?
Coderix® is a full-service web development and digital marketing company, developing innovative and user-friendly solutions that drive business for our clients. We are based in Ponda offering solutions to businesses globally.

We have a team of up-to-date and creative designers and developers that are constantly searching for the latest market trends, designs, technologies, and marketing strategies to help your business lead a path of success within a limited time frame. We deliver a complete high-end technical mix to businesses from all industries and of various sizes. Bring your ideas to us and we will implement it with the support of our experts.

When did you start and why? What difficulties did you face?
We had started the business back on 16 September, 2019. Initially, we had first started with services like web design and development, app development and now we are slowly transitioning from service to product based start-up. Before startingCoderix, I used to take projects on freelancing basis and which also helped me to bootstrap Coderix. During Covid we faced many issues but now things are getting on track as the market is getting stabilised. Awaiting for new opportunities.

How has the journey been?
My journey into IT is for the last 10years, from freelancing and working on many projects globally. That gave me strength and courage to work on projects with confidence. This helped me slowly gain more projects on various platforms and that’s how I started building a team. After some years, I setup my own office in Ponda and then built a full-fledged team. I came across many good entrepreneurs who helped me get fresh ideas and worked on it to make it a reality.

Did you need a lot of investment starting out?
For any business you need an investment, initially I had kept aside a good amount of savings which helped me bootstrap my start-up, my parents also helped me on the same to acquire the office space.

How big is the team?
We have a team of 12 at present where most of them work from office.

What services do you offer?
We offer Website Designing & Development, Digital Marketing, Web Applications Development, Web Hosting. Apart from this, we created our product, rixCast, an Online Video Platform to help you to see live streams created by Digital Creators.

What have been some of your significant projects?
Some of our significant projects are working with top brands in India and companies into travel and hospitality. Apart from that we provide solutions to various religious places in Goa for Live Darshan of deities and Stream Live Feeds of TV Channels in India. One such example is Prime TV.

Now with everything going digital, how has the demand picked up?
When everything started going online, it helped me to pick the market and businesses who was in need to capture the online customers. We helped many such businesses to have their digital stores and virtual businesses online. We also helped them with marketing strategies to capture online potential customers.

Did the pandemic affect your business? How did it change the way you work?
During the pandemic, just at the beginning of the lockdown,we were completely blank and did not know what to do. But in few days after brainstorming a lot on ideas, I came up with an online streaming portal as everything was closed and we needed to connect the people. One such was religious organisations and other was education. People will never stop their faith and children need education and that’s how rixCast was born.

We developed this product rapidly and started the pilot project at Shree MahalaxmiSaunsthanBandora. It was a great success and then various temples used it and still using it to reach their devotees globally. In Education, it helped in live classes and seminars, and meetings.I feel pandemic has changed us and made us adapt to the situation. It even taught us some lessons for survival and use of resources.

What advice do you have for youngsters?
No business is small, but big business starts small. Youth are our future and you should start thinking about the next big idea and be a good entrepreneur before opting for job. Be Atmanirbharand make our India a self-reliant nation as our Prime Minster NarendraModi said, that will make our India Strong. Opt for Government schemes and try the business sector with unique ideas, take suggestions from mentors.  

How do you see the future of the digital business?
The future is digital. Digital business has potential to make a change and get change as per the situation but along with that a reliable product and best service is what people expect. There are lot of products and services and competition in the market, but today good service and reliable business helps to win over competition. Hence, we give reliable service and good support that helps us to build good trust among clients and life-long good business relationship.

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