Captain Venzy Viegas launches the Benaulim Seafarers Panel, seeks inputs for a manifesto aimed at the Seafarers community

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The Aam Aadmi Party’s Benaulim candidate Captain Venzy Viegas launched Benaulim Seafarers Panel and a mobile number on Monday to seek inputs and suggestions for a manifesto geared towards the Seafarers community.

Members of the Seafarers Manifesto Committee include Captain Norbert Rebello, Chief Engineer Ernesto Fernandes, Retired Seafarer Caetano Fernandes, and Alban Rebello and Ismail Fernandes.

Announcing the launch of a number (9851134134), Viegas said that Seafarers of Benaulim should call or message or WhatsApp and give their inputs for the manifesto. All suggestions will be incorporated into a manifesto and implemented over the next five years.

Captain Norbert Rebello said, “There have been many political parties in Benaulim over the last several decades, but none of them has shown any interest in the seafarers. There was no one who came forward to help Seafarers. Captain Venzy, however, has taken the initiative and I believe it is the first time a panel has been formed in the world to solve Seafarers’ issues”.

Adding he said, “The Seafarers bring a lot of revenue to the country, but this is forgotten once they retire. Captain Venzy is an excellent candidate for the Benaulim constituency, because he is aware of the challenges faced by the Benaulim people. I encourage people to vote for him”.

Chief Engineer Ernesto Fernandes said, “The issue of social security for seafarers needs to be addressed. During Covid, many seafarers lost their incomes, yet they received no compensation. I strongly urge people to vote for AAP in the upcoming election.I hope if AAP forms the government, they will create a social security scheme devoted to Seafarers”.

Retired Seafarer Caetano Fernandes said, “Despite many requests, the Pramod Sawant led government has failed to resolve the Seafarer pension issue. Manohar Parrikar led government earlier raised the pension to meet Seafarers’ demands. However, since 2019, the pension has been stopped, and Seafarers have been facing hardships. I hope AAP will take action to resolve this issue”.

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