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The office of Chief Electoral Officer Goa held a workshop for Political Party on C-Vigil, Suvidha, MCMC, Expenditure Monitoring Nomination/ Scrutiny Publication of Criminal Antecedents and MCC in the City today

Speaking on the occasion Shri Kunal IAS emphasized that Political Parties play a major role in the conduct of election and this type of workshop will help to resolve issues, if any, during the statutory process of election. He said this workshop helped to address certain issues in advance so as to conduct the election free and fair manners.

Shri Kunal, IAS, maintaining that today people are more aware about the election process and election law, he said we should continuously update ourselves by knowing and learning the new instructions and guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India and Honble Supreme Court which are coming day today. Every Political Party and Candidates should learn the guidelines. Our endeavor is to smoothen the process of election so that any candidates/political parties should not face any problem as far as election machinery is concerned, he added.

Shri Kunal urged all the representatives of Political Parties to guide their candidate that they have greater responsibilities while conducting Sabha and appealed to adhere to the Covid -19 guidelines by maintaining proper social distancing and wearing masks. We don’t want the election process should be a super spreader event, he remarked.

Shri Kunal said that ECI has very close and minute vigil on officials and on Political Parties. He appealed to have accountability while conducting election we are monitoring ourselves, Commission is monitoring us if there any shortfalls, it will be caught.

Briefing about Cvigil app launched by ECI Shri Kunal appealed to study Model Code of Conduct guidelines and urged that candidate(s) should have good behavior with public.   

Shri Prasad Velip, Technical Assistant, IT presented on C-Vigil, Smt Priya presented on Suvidha, Dr. Snehal P. Naik Goltekar, Addl Commissioner Commercial Tax presented on MCMC, Shri Anthony D’Souza, Director NRI Affairs, Shri Sanjeev Gauns Dessaai, Excise Commissioner, Shri Vishant Gaunekar, Asst Commissioner, Commercial Taxes and Shri Shashank Thakur, Under Secretary, Goa State Information Commission presented on Nomination/ Scrutiny Publication of Criminal Antecedents, Shri Hari Krishnan, Sr Audit Officer, Shri Gyan Prakash, Asst Audit Officer presented on Expenditure Monitoring and Smt Triveni P. Velip, Director Tribal Welfare presented on MCC.

Shri Narayan Sawant, IAS, Additional Chief Electoral Officer and Smt Sangeeta Naik, Dy Chief Electoral Officer were present on the occasion.

Smt Aisha Vaingankar, Jt Chief Electoral Officer welcomed all the representatives of Political Parties.

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