Chaired the TCP Board meeting today morning where we took major decisions

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• To revise regulations for sub-division of Agriculture/Orchard land by bringing back the original provisions notified under the Goa Land Development & Building Construction Regulations, 2010 by which, Agricultural/Orchard land can now be subdivided into smaller plots having a minimum area of each plot as 4000m2.

• The board has decided to revise the Farm House policy whereby minimum FAR and coverage allowable for construction of any Farm House shall be 15% and with maximum built up area of 1000m2. The same shall be subject to various conditions such that the construction of Farm Houses to be undertaken shall be environment friendly having sustainable design with energy efficiency and which shall promote water conservation and shall make optimum utilization of locally procured materials.

• The Goa Land Development & Building Construction Regulations, 2010 shall now have specific regulations for:
a) Golf Course, which shall have minimum area of 100 acres and shall have permissible FAR of 30%.
b) Film City and Film Studio, wherein Film City shall have minimum area of 100 acres and Film Studio shall have minimum area of 25 acres and shall have maximum permissible FAR of 30. Film city & film studio are sure to generate jobs even for informal sector i.e carpenters, painters, etc,. The dept shall work out the mechanism for monitoring such projects. Also see that only the projects which are green compliant and certified by IGBC shall only be issued a completion certificate for their projects.
b) It is decided to grant additional FAR upto 20% of the permissible FAR for medical institutions such as hospitals, colleges, etc. in the State of Goa.

The development of Golf Course, Film City and Film Studio shall be developed with Green concept. The development has to be energy efficient with enhanced bio-diversity concept and shall lay stress on protection and enriching of topsoil.
The project proponent will be proposing a golf course, all major developmental works like film city and film studio shall fully adopt green building concept and sustainability by means of the proponent making arrangement for their own water source, etc,. It shall also ensure that such projects shall be energy efficient and shall act as lungs for the areas in which they are located.
We shall have an expert agency under whose guidance with their technical expertise, such projects shall be designed. The same shall be evaluated by the department through the consultants for which the board & the dept shall be taking assistance of reputed firm IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). Only on their recommendations, the project shall be considered for approval.
It is intended to promote such projects for revenue generation and attract quality tourism.

• Considering the major improvement of road network happening in Goa, it is decided to promote policy of Transit Oriented Corridors along National Highways in Goa

• Panaji Planning Area, Taleigao Planning Area and Bambolim Planning Area will be amalgamated with North Goa PDA. The board has also decided to withdraw Kadamba Planning Area from Greater Panaji PDA. On withdrawal of these Planning Areas, Greater Panaji PDA shall stand dissolved.
Further, it is decided that after the completion of rectification of ODPs pertaining to Arpora-Nagao-Parra Planning Area, these areas shall be withdrawn from the North Goa PDA.

• The ODP for Mapusa Planning Area shall now be prepared by North Goa PDA and ODPs of Margao and Ponda Planning Area shall be prepared by South Goa PDA.

• Several proposals received for change of zone under Section 16B of the TCP Act have been rejected by the Board under Section 13(2) of the TCP Act, as the same have been recommended by the Forest Department/Agriculture department etc. or are rejected on other technical grounds. Out of the 6200 cases, 5200 have been rejected by the board. Only the 1222 cases that has got provisional approval will be taken forward by the screening committee appointed under Chief Town Planner, Mr. James Mathew. These will be re-examined and put forward by the board.

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