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MAPUSA: The Congress party on Friday appointed Chandan Harmalkar as the block president of the newly reconstituted Calangute Block of the Congress party along with Ashton Santamaria as the General secretary North Goa District Congress committee
and Minority cell block President, Javed Ahmed

Harmalkar, Santamaria and members Josephine D’Cruz, acting Sarpanch of Parra and panch members Domnic D’Souza and Edwin Lobo were appointed as members of the block.

Speaking on the occasion North Goa Congress president Vijay Bhike congratulated the workers for showing faith in the Congress party and asked them to spend the next ten days working to ensure the victory of the Congress party.

“Across Goa people from the grassroots are putting their faith in the Congress party — panches, sarpanches, councilors have all realized that it is the Congress party alone that can give a people friendly administration that will bring prosperity to the average Goan,” Bhike said.

Speaking on the occasion, Chandan Harmalkar praised the Congress party for its contribution to the state and said that it was only the Congress party that was in the hearts of Goans.

“Congress party has this long history of working for the people and is today in the hearts of every Goan. There are a lot of parties today who have come and are promising a lot of things. But it is only the Congress party that can give a stable people friendly administration and people have realized this,” Harmalkar said.

Ashton Santamaria called on the people to vote for the Congress party in large numbers and bring the Congress party back to power.

“The BJP has given a government in which there is high inflation, people are unable to bear the cost of daily living while at the same time the ruling leadership has turned a deaf ear to the sufferings of the people. We need a people-friendly government in power,” Santamaria said.

Vijay Bhike President NGDCC, GPCC Secretary Mr Virendar Shirodkar and Minority President Mr Javed Ahmad in the presence of Minority Chairman Mr Firoz Khan, Gen Secretary Mr Gurnam Singh, Josephine D’Cruz Acting Sarpanch Parra and Panch Members Domnic Dsouza, Edwin Lobo were present.

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