Chandor protestors warn the government of massive agitations against double-tracking

Protestors singing, dancing, and seen playing musical instruments during the protest.

MARGAO: A sea of protestors converged on the former Capital of Goa – Chandor, on Sunday midnight, and held a candle-light protest against the double-tracking of the railway line and to oppose other disastrous projects planned through Mollem. The protestors gathered at the railway track and sat there until dawn on Monday to prevent the railways from starting the work at night. The protestors used music and drums to make their voices heard. The South Western Railway (SWR) workers who were due to commence work at Guirdolim-Chandor junction stayed away to avoid confrontation. Representatives of political parties too were present to support the people even as some of them faced the wrath of the irate protestors. Protestors refused to heed the police request to move away from the tracks.