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A meeting of all stake holders to resolve all outstanding issues raised by IMA Goa State called by Chief Secretary, Government of Goa was held on 22nd April 2022 at Conference Hall at Chief Secretary’s office , Goa Secretariat.
Members representing IMA GOA State for the meeting were Dr  Rufino Monteiro, President IMA GOA STATE,  Dr Amol Tilve ,Hon.Secretary IMA GOA STATE,  Dr Dayanand Naiyan,  Hon Treasurer, IMA GOA STATE,   Dr Mohan Dhumaskar 1st Vice President, IMA GOA STATE,  Dr Sandeep Naik, Joint Secretary,  IMA Goa State,  Dr Shailesh Kamat Past State Secretary IMA Goa State and Chairperson of IMA Medico Legal Cell  along with Dr Shekhar Salkar Past President IMA Goa State.
Others who were present along with Chief Secretary Mr Puneet Kumar Goel were Shri Jaspal Singh DGP of Goa,  Shri Chokharam Garg. Law secretary, Dr Tariq Thomas ,secretary science and technology  and secretary urban development,   Shri Rajshekhar health Secretary , Dr Shivanand Bandekar , Dean Goa Medical College, Dr Ira Almeida Director of DHS( NHM), Dr Sharmila Monteiro, Member Secretary of Goa Pollution Control Board,  Collectors of North  Ms Mamu Hage, Additional collector South Goa Shri Sanjit Rodrigues, additional secretary health Shri Vikas Gaunekar,Director of Education Shri Bhushan Sawaikar, and other officers were present at the meeting.
The Chief Secretary after a patient hearing of all issues raised by IMA after Consulting all stake holders reached the following conclusions
1.     Clinical Establishment Act
A.     Provisional registration for clinical establishments to be given for two years by Collectors and Member Secretary, respective medical Superintendents of North and South Goa Districts Hospital till state and district Committees gets notified.
B.    Formation of a  committee comprising of Health Secretary,  Dean Goa Medical College,  Director of Health Services,  Representative of IMA GOA STATE to resolve all issues regarding Clinical Establishment Act.
C.    Health Secretary to Constitute State, North and South Goa District Committees under the Act with due Government approval.
D.    Trade license for Clinical Establishments to be upto 10 years.
2.     Biomedical Waste Issues
A.    After a prolonged discussion with all stake holders it was stated that there was no provision for Clinics producing nil waste in the Act and review of rates was not possible.                      
B.    All Clinical Establishments to register with Goa Pollution Control Board and with Biotic Waste management as soon as possible.
3.     Doctors Safety Issues
A.    Necessary amendments to Sec 6(3)to the Goa Medicare Act of 2013 to be done immediately and issue ordinance to that effect
B.    Establishment of Redressal Committee under section 7 of the Goa Medicare Act by Health Secretary
4.     Regarding derogatory remarks in NCERT 7th Standard Book
    Director of Education to make changes in the books at Goa State Level.  The Director of Education noted that necessary changes would be made in the textbook from coming academic year.
The IMA GOA STATE thanked Chief Secretary , Government of Goa and all stake holders for a patient hearing and resolving all outstanding issues.

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