Chodankar dares CM to drop land-grabber Minister, reveals first case of Salvadro do Mundo

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SIT must disclose names of politicians involved & not budge to CM’s pressure.

Panaji: Continuing pressure on BJP Government, former GPCC President Girish Chodankar has disclosed the first land grabbing case in which a BJP Cabinet Minister is involved. He has also dared Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant to probe this case and find out which of his minister is a “Mastermind” behind this blatant illegality.

A police complaint in this regard has been filed at Porvorim police station on 20th July 2022 by one Sales Francisco Fernades, who is holding the power of attorney of the said land. Complaint was also filed before Vigilance Department & Panchayat, but neither the complaint has been investigated by the police nor it has been handed over to the SIT, alleged Girish Chodankar. The complainant has now filed the complaint before SIT, he further added.

I have no doubt to believe that the complaint has been suppressed by the police under political pressure, the Congress leader says the Mumbai-based party, who has grabbed the land of innocent Goans with political protection, has already started construction work in the said plot.

“If the CM cannot get hold of the complaint, I am ready to file another complaint before the SIT as well as the Salvador du Mundo Panchayat. The complaint refers to 3250 sq mts of land owned by Mr. Anthony Manuel Rebello and Mrs. Hazel Severino Mendonca, holding a survey number 221/25”, informed Girish Chodankar.

I will wait for some time now giving chance to SIT to act. I will soon open another case of grabbing the land illegally, in which the same minister is involved warned Girish Chodankar.

Calling the SIT probes into the blatant illegalities of land grabbing a mere publicity stunt, Girish Chodankar also asked why CM Dr Sawant is not paying heed to his demand to probe these crucial cases and drop the involved Minister from the cabinet, pending investigation.

He also reminded that he has been making this persistent demand for the last two months, the first one being made on 25th June, after which it was reiterated on 7th and 21st August. Unfortunately, Chief Minister has maintained a conspicuous silence, Girish Chodankar pointed.

“The mysterious silence of CM Dr Sawant in this regard is a clear indication that he wants to allow his own ‘land-grabber’ Minister go scot free and fool the people by probing ‘other cases’ and arresting some officials who have been committing these illegalities under political pressure”, alleged Chodankar.

What CM is doing is arresting only executors of crime and not masterminds. He said moment the culprit Minister is dropped, land loser Victims who are under fear will come out with confidence expose more cases, stated Girish Chodankar.

I also strongly demand with SIT to disclose names of politicians involved in land grabbing immediately without succumbing to pressure of CM. The Chief Minister who also holds Home portfolio should have sacked all politicians involved in the land grab cases from all the positions they hold in Government, Girish Chodankar demanded.

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