CM and BJP should stop doing headline management, and start saving lives: AAP

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CM and BJP should stop doing headline management, and start saving lives: AAP

Aam Aadmi Party has accused the CM Pramod Sawant of only doing headline management. State Convenor Rahul Mhambre said that the CM is making various claims and announcements in media only to deflect criticism, and these don’t actually translate into saving lives or providing relief to Goans.

Mhambre said the CM had claimed that oxygen quota of Goa has been increased by 20 MT, but such “allocation” is only on paper and doesn’t mean the quantity has actually been supplied.
“Has the announced quota actually reached Goa? Has the oxygen been supplied to the hospitals? Most importantly, have people stopped dying due to oxygen shortage?”, questioned Mhambre, repeating the party’s long-standing demand for an Oxygen Bulletin.

Regarding the CM’s announcement of “plans to put a cap on rates of private ambulances & hearse vans”, Mhambre said this is not the time to announce “plans”, and said the order for the same should be issued immediately if he is serious about it.

Referring to the complaints reported about private hospitals overcharging covid patients, Mhambre said even in such important decisions the CM is only interested in ensuring the news of such decisions is printed, but does not actually follow up to see if the orders are being implemented. Mhambre demanded further lowering of covid treatment rates in private hospitals, adding that the cap was calculated based on the most expensive private hospitals, but now even less-expensive hospitals are charging the high rates “as per Govt orders”.

Mhambre expressed surprise that even the opposition parties are silent on this issue, and wondered whether there is some understanding between the leaders of the so-called “Medical Cells” of these political parties, who are invariably stakeholders in private hospitals.
Mhambre added that despite the announcement by the CM that DDSSY scheme would cover covid treatment in private hospitals, many of them are demanding huge advances for admission. Mhambre said that as per his sources, the hospitals have had a bad experience with getting the Govt to reimburse expenses under the scheme even in non-covid cases, and they have lost trust in the Govt.

Rahul Mhambre also highlighted the hypocrisy of the CM on the issue of Corona warriors, relating a shocking incident in which a housing society chairperson, a well-known supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party, called for eviction of doctors and nurses staying the residential complex. Mhambre said that it was shameful that CM Sawant, a doctor himself, did many announcements and photo-ops with Corona warriors but is now completely mum when the offender is a supporter of the BJP.

Mhambre also demanded an explanation from the BJP’s state president Sadanand Tanawade and other BJP leaders, who had praised the handling of the covid situation by CM Sawant and HM Rane.
“Glorifying statements and tweets were made in an attempt to hide the Govt’s failures, but the facts have been exposed in the High Court proceedings. When will Mr. Tanawade take responsibility for the scores of Goans who have died due to the BJP Govt’s criminal negligence?, Mhambre asked.

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