PANAJI: Leader of the Opposition Digambar Kamat has said that the hardworking Goan lifeguards are once again protesting at Azad Maidan, Panaji as the government had failed to keep up with its commitment to give justice to them.

“I once again urge immediate intervention of Chief Minister to resolve their long pending demands,” he  said.

Kamat on Monday participated in the agitation of lifeguards at the Azad Maidan and expressed his solidarity to the agitating lifeguards protesting against the government’s lethargic approach in resolving their demands.

Kamat has once again urged the Chief Minister to take immediate steps to resolve the long pending demand of the hardworking Goan lifeguards who are demanding justice. Goa government should immediately take the lifeguards under government ambit, he said.

According to Kamat, beach safety and lifeguarding service is the most essential service in a tourist destination like Goa. We have seen many persons losing life due to drowning in the months when these lifeguards went on strike. Government should be sensitive towards lifeguards and their demands. The local lifeguards have every right to ask for support from the government.

The Leader of the Opposition stated that he will keep on raising this issue and will stand with the lifeguards and will  ensure that they get justice.