CM Sawant only interested in commision, not compensation: AAP

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CM Sawant only interested in commision, not compensation: AAP

Aam Aadmi Party has demanded that compensation for damages due to Cyclone Tauktae must be given by Goa Govt in a time-bound and transparent manner. Stating that CM Pramod Sawant has failed to understand the suffering of the people of Goa first due to covid, then due to the lockdown, and now due to the cyclone, State Convenor Rahul Mhambre said that CM Sawant must act fast on providing relief.

“He is quick to spend Rs. 3 crores on a 2-hour programme Inder the pretext of 60th Liberation Day. He has no hesitation to sanction Rs. 50 crores without due process for renovation of Kala Academy despite opposition by architects. But he has failed to provide even a rupee of compensation to those who have lost loved ones to covid, or to those who have lost their income due to lockdown, or to those who have lost houses & crops to cyclone Tauktae.”, Mhambre said.

Stating that only announcements have been made about the damage due to the cyclone, Mhambre raised questions on the CM’s widely varying statements.

“Initially he said the damages were to the tune of 22 crores. Then, it was increased it to 40 crore. Then the very next day, the figure suddenly reached 146 crore. This is not the first time Goa has been hit by storms and flood events. Assessing the damage accurately and immediately is also part of disaster management preparedness, which this Govt has failed at miserably. It is time BJP uses technology such as drones not just for election rallies but also for the benefit of people”, said Mhambre.

Expressing frustration over the wheels of bureaucracy moving at their own pace, Mhambre said that the affected Goans are suffering on a daily basis, and at least interim relief should have been provided by now. Stating that numerous requests for relief had been received by the party from all over Goa, Mhambre informed that local volunteers coordinated the supply of essential items such as food, medicines and groceries.

Mhambre appealed to the CM to compensate not just immediate losses but also include an allowance for future daily sustenance until the affected house-owners, fishermen and farmers were able to get back on their feet.

“Time is of the essence. The monsoon rains will only make things worse. The covid situation also has added to the anguish of the people. CM should make good on his promises immediately, and not wait to make a political event out of it.”, said Mhambre.

Mhambre welcomed the reported admission by CM Sawant that the state’s disaster management needed to be improved. Pointing out that cyclones are becoming more frequent on the west coast of India, Mhambre said that international expertise needs to be roped in from areas which are cyclone hotspots and have a tried and tested mechanism to deal with them.

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