PANAJI: Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant on Friday held a meeting of all the line Departments to explore the role that could be played by each department and other concerned offices in making Swayampurna Goa.

The government also invited representatives of various Self Help Groups (SHG) to analyse their contribution for the said purpose.

The Chief Minister suggested to form 15 Van Dhan Kendras at rural areas with the inclusion of tribal people. He suggested to form 12 Farmers Producing Organisations and 15 Van Dhan Kendra as a target for the first year. He insisted that these facilities to be launched from December 25, 2020 and sought for proper cooperation and communication among various departments for its fulfillment.

Sawant advised to tap Central grants to extend the benefit to  the needy people with required proper action to ensure it’s accomplishment in a time-bound manner.

Director of Agriculture Nevil Alfonso informed about what actions have been initiated and planned for forming 12 Farmers Producers Organisations as a target for the initial year.  Government  intends to form clusters for various products like coconut, jackfruit, cashew and various others making value additions to enhance income of the  farmers. He also maintained that steps would be initiated for branding korgut rice as red rice and make it available in the market at a suitable price.

Chief Secretary Parimal Rai IAS; Secretary (Agriculture) Kuldeep Singh Gangar IAS; Secretary (Cooperation) C R Garg IAS; Director of DPSE Dr Y Durgaprasad; Director of Animal Husbandary and Veterinary Services, Dr Santosh Dessai; Director Women andChild Development Deepali Naik; Director of ICAR Goa CCARI Dr E V Chakurkar; NABARD General Manager Usha Ramesh; Electricity Superintending Engineer  Mayn Keith and Incharge Project Coordinator KVK South,  Chandrahas Desai were amongst those present on the occasion