VASCO: Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) Vice President Sankalp Amonkar on Tuesday alleged that BLO, Mamlatdar and Deputy Collector are working under political pressure to delete 800-odd names from electoral rolls of Mormugao constituency.

Speaking to reporters in the presence of Mormugao Block Congress Committee members, Sankalp said that around 800 names were planned to be deleted from the electoral rolls of Mormugao constituency at the behest of Urban Development Minister Milind Naik. 

Sankalp challenged the Minister and warned that he will never allow the names to be deleted. He alleged that BJP was scared of losing the upcoming municipal elections. He said that there was misuse of power in deleting names of voters from electoral rolls to benefit the ruling BJP through the backdoor.

The GPCC vice president challenged Naik to come for a public debate regarding developmental works  taken up in the constituency.

Sankalp also appealed to the BLO, Mamlatdar and the Deputy Collector not to bow down to political pressure and not to indulge in the deleting of names under political pressure.

” On February 6th, I had made an application to President, Chief Election Commissioner, Delhi and Chief Electoral Officer in Goa objecting for 1251 names that were planned to be deleted. We then took a morcha to the Mamlatdar and Deputy Collector’s office and brought to their notice that there were moves to delete voter’s names,” Sankalp said.

According to Sankalp, the citizens who raised objection to the deletion of names were mostly Mormugao councillors but the BLO did not inform about the deletion of names. The BJP wanted to delete the names of the voters who are not supporting them and are attempting to delete 800-odd names.

“We have 20,000-odd voters of which 1200 names were attempted to be deleted and this time another 800 names have been attempted to be deleted. Election Commission informed us that maximum two per cent electors can be taken up for deletion. No one can delete the names of voters including Mamlatdar or Collector. Only names of the deceased or woman who has been married or a person seeking Portuguese passport can be deleted otherwise people who are not found in the house has to be mentioned as shifted,” Sankalp said.

Sankalp pointed out that last time Mamlatdar Saish Naik had not deleted the names and since he did not listen to the Minister and his PA, he was transferred.

Sankalp charged that names are deleted from electoral rolls without conducting survey and most of these voters are from Baina area, who he claimed, were not supporting BJP.

Sankalp alleged that some voters names have been retained on electoral rolls despite the person/s not living in the area.