’Congress alone cannot defeat the BJP. All anti-BJP forces must ally’, says Mahua Moitra

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Reacting to a recent comment made by Congress’ Goa poll in-charge Shri P. Chidambaram who claimed that the fight in Goa was only between the Congress and the BJP, Lok Sabha MP & AITC Goa in-charge Smt Mahua Moitra said, ‘I want to remind Mr. Chidambaram that despite winning the mandate, the Congress failed to form the government in 2017. This time too, Congress alone is incapable of defeating the BJP. The Trinamool is asking all the anti-BJP forces to come together to oust the BJP in Goa.’

She added, ‘None of the parties (Congress, AAP or TMC) can stake a claim that they are the only anti-BJP parties because all of them are here for the same cause.’

Reminding the Congress of the 2017 debacle, Smt Mahua Moitra remarked, ‘If it was a binary fight between the BJP and the Congress, there would have been no need for the TMC to come to Goa. It is time for the Congress to wake up to its depleted strength and take notice of what the people of Goa want.’

Smt Mahua Moitra also slammed Congress for accusing TMC of ‘poaching’ Congress’ leaders and said that the TMC had inducted all those Congressmen who wanted a fighting platform against BJP which the Congress was unable to provide. She also pointed out the hypocrisy in Congress’ statement, citing the example of former BJP MLA Micheal Lobo who was recently inducted into Congress. ‘As per Congress’ definition, even Mamata Banerjee and Jagan Mohan Reddy are ‘defectors’ but these are the people running their states as Chief Ministers’, she noted.

Smt Mahua Moitra reiterated that the TMC is not the one harbouring an inflated ego around joining forces with the anti-BJP allies, with the single minded agenda to oust the BJP from Goa. “We are calling everyone to come and talk on the table because this is the need of the hour”, she said.

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